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Nov 13, 2010 09:50 PM

ISO White Peaches

Do any markets around here, whether Asian or otherwise, have white peaches?

My friend challenged me to find "white peaches as good as in Beijing" in the Boston area, and I am determined to try my best!

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  1. We are WAY out of season. But you will NEVER find anything in greater Boston even close to the mythical, HUGE Chinese white peaches.

    The best I've had in Boston have been local in July or early August in VERY hot years or the flat peaches that are around at more or less the same time of year.

    If anyone would have them this time of year it might be Arax, but the timing/season is all wrong in either hemisphere so I wouldn't even bother.

    I've never seen a Chinese white peach in Boston. The good ones are VERY delicate and don't travel very well so I can't imagine exporting them to the US.

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      Just by way of clarification I've never even tried these huge Chinese white peaches of myth and legend, but remember reading an article...

      After some googling, here in the WSJ from last summer:

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        Oh wow, this is a terrific article. Despite having made more than seven trips to China, I have also not had these peaches --- and it appears that I may only be able to do so on my next trip to China.

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          That article really stuck in my noggin...

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          White peaches that I ate in China, a long time ago, are still on my list of the most amazing things I've ever eaten! They were perfectly ripe, and must have come from that lady's tree to the train station. Of course, it was un-godly hot, and I was really hungry, and had been on a train for waaay to long, but they were absolutely fabulous! I've tried the American types and nothing even comes close.

      2. I've gotten them @ Trader Joe's...but like much of their other produce..not good. :/

        1. I agree with Striper Guy. Peaches are in season here in July-ish and it will be near impossible to find good fresh ones right now.

          Even in season, you are in the wrong part of the country to enjoy really really good peaches (white or otherwise). I grew up in South Carolina and the peaches in the south far outshine anything you can get up here. That's not to say you can't find them - you can - but if you're being challenged to a quality contest, this is the wrong part of the country.... Just my opinion. Others will probably disagree.

          1. Haven't seen any for a while. White peaches are grown up north, with a big crop in NY. They were delicious this summer.

            1. I do see white peaches in the Chinese markets in the summer, but as others have mentioned, haven't seen them since the summer. I actually prefer the white peaches and nectarines to the yellow flesh ones.

              Any imported fruit would not match what you can find locally and more fresh anyway so not exactly a fair challenge, and admittedly the AP region has so much more varieties of awesome fruit than we have. It's like asking someone in Beijing to find wild blueberries that are as good as the ones from Maine.

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              1. re: kobuta

                The white peaches you see here are not Chinese.

                1. re: StriperGuy

                  So says my mom too, but they're still good. I like them nice and crunchy, and I find them more delicately fragrant than the typical yellow peach. Still worth a try IMO.

                  1. re: kobuta

                    I have occasionally had really superb white peaches here in Boston. I don't pretend they are as exceptional as those in that WSJ article. That said 1 in 20 or so white peaches that I have here in Beantown are really good.