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Cilantro bagels and bacon schmear ... it ain't Kosher

A bagel joint I went to today offered a bacon schmear . I wondered why I'd never before seen what seemed like a fab idea. Being slow on the uptake, a few hours it hit me that bacon ain't exactly your traditional Jewish nosh.

Until today, the most unusual bagel combo I had was a gingerbread bagel with gingerbread schmear . I thought that was very ecumenical.

Unfortunately, they were out of the cilantro bagel, so I settled for oregano.

So what are some creative and tasty schmears and bagels that you tried. It can be a schmear you created yourself and not limited to store bought.

DISCLAIMER: To the bagel purists who are probably having seizures reading this, I concede that a REAL bagel is plain ... at most onion or poppy seed ... if you want to go wild. So no need for diatribes that these unorthodox breads with unholy schmears are not the real thing.

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    1. re: mariacarmen

      Bacon schmear and cilantro bagels are Guatemala.

      The gingerbread bagel was at Noah's in the USA one Christmas. For Noah's it was actually quite good. I was sorry they never made it again.

      Right now I'm thinking a bagel with a salmon schmear on top of a bacon schmear might be quite tasty ... or a salmon schmear on top of a cucumber schmear ... on a cilantro bagel ... next time

      1. re: rworange

        Holy vaca rw!!! Bagel Barn looks more American than many of the bagel places I've been in California. And this is in Antigua, not even in Guatemala City? There must be a story to this.

    2. I am in fact having a seizure. but a bacon smear does sound kinda good. incredibly wrong on so many levels, but kinda good. can it be caramelized bacon?

      1. I love the bacon scallion cream cheese at Works Cafe f/k/a Bagel Works here in Concord, NH. Yum on a works bagel w/sprouts.

        1. I tend to be more of a traditionalist with my bagels, so I can't offer up anything novel and delicious.

          But I can't wrap my mind around the cilantro and the oregano bagels. After having this idea pop uninvited into my ever wandering thoughts I have questions!

          Are the herbs incorporated into the batter or applied to the crust? Is it a green bagel? How did the oregano bagel taste? Is this a widespread thing in the area or just a twist by a specific store?

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          1. re: meatn3

            Here's the photo below. It is only this company. I only know one other place in Gautemala that makes bagels which is in Guatemala City. They just do standard stuff like plain, garlic, seeded and everything. However, they don't really sell plain bagels and focus on bagel sandwiches. They will sell you a single one, but it;s not their thing.

            The joint in Antigua has the usual (and usual flavors). As you can see from the photo, the oregano is incorporated into batter. Oregano is big in Guatemala so it was probably fresh oregano. They are also going for being totally organic and local ... so win/win. I'll get around to a review someday on the Central American board. But the link above has the photos of the shop.

            They also sell bagel sandwiches and have a pizza bagel similar to an English muffin pizza so the oregano bagel would be swell to use for that.

            It is not like you can't get a breakfast bagel with bacon on it in the US. You would think that kind of joint would offer a bacon schmear.

            1. re: rworange

              Thanks for the photo - when I tried the link earlier I just had the spinning into oblivion reaction. The "Clean" coffee sign has me intrigued.

              The herbed bagel idea is interesting. Dill seems like an easy one to mesh with traditional
              U.S. lox based toppings.

              1. re: rworange

                Ahhh... that brings back memories of traveling through Guatemala. Loved their bagels in the context of being in Antigua and missing home.

                1. re: lbs

                  Before the mods get too ticked at me, I finally did a report on the Central American Board. It addresses 'clean coffee' which just means earth-friendly

                  This thread isn't about the place, but more about unusal bagels anywhere. I wonder if there are bagels in every country in the world and what the regional variations are.

            2. My favorite thing at Panera is the cinnamon sugar crunch bagel with hazelnut spread.

              There also used to be a bagel shop in Athens, GA that had a peach pecan cream cheese that was excellent.

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              1. re: teemo

                I don't know how old you are, teemo, but I'll bet you couldn't find a bagel shop in Athens, Ga before 1970.

                I grew up in Raleigh and seldom had bagels until the 80's. Then after moving to Boca Raton (New York's southernmost borough) I went to Flakowitz Bagel every Saturday morning where I was introduced to a nova as a topping.

                1. re: GraydonCarter

                  haha well I wasn't alive in the 70's so I definitely didn't see any bagel shops around Athens then. I enjoyed their bagels while I was an undergrad a couple years ago (they were the only bagel place in town), but heard they closed last year.

                  Oddly enough I was in Raleigh before then. I remember Brueggers being the only bagel shop (at least in N. Raleigh) in the 90s, until right before I moved when we got a "NY" bagel shop by the Kroger on Falls of Neuse. The owners were actually from NY, and made the best crumb cake and black and white cookies. They're probably out of business by now, too. Sigh.

              2. aaaagh! is there a "block" function on CH once I've tossed in my own idiot 2 cents? enjoy all your strangeness, but really. (heh)

                1. Well, hell.

                  You live in rural Texas for long enough and you almost - almost - forget what a good schmear has to offer.

                  Then you're off to find lox (excuse me, "smoked salmon for $3.99 a lb") at the grocery store an hour away

                  1. As a Jew from Oklahoma, I'm all for nontraditional bagel flavors. Here in the Southwest, the green chile bagel is king.

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                    1. re: tatamagouche

                      Any particular toppings with that?

                      1. re: tatamagouche

                        Thanks ... if we drive back thru New Mexico could you post to this thread where to buy green chile bagels ..,. I am buessing they also have green chile schmears

                        Guatemalan road trip - Need suggestions for the Arizona / New Mexico segment

                        1. re: rworange

                          Usually just plain cream cheese, though I bet rworange is right that there's green chile too. There's green chile in, on, with, and for everything in the Southwest.


                          1. re: tatamagouche

                            Ohhh ... not only green chile, but green chile provolone. I can always buy some roasted green chile and mix it into the plain. Thanks I added that link to the New Mexico thread so I'll know where to find the info when I'm ready to go back that way.