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Nov 13, 2010 06:55 PM

Boneless Beef Short Rib Recipes

Hi fellow foodies,

I'm interested in expanding my recipe file for "Country Style" boneless beef ribs--preferrably getting beyond the usual ribs smothered with bbq sauce recipes. In what other ways can these ribs be prepared and cooked?

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  1. You can do a refined version by browning them (after the flouring and seasoning) and then braising in port and red wine, seasoning with cumin, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, clove, and a little dab of orange zest. Perfect served with a currant/almond couscous, or with horseradish/sour cream mashed potatoes.
    We also have browned them and then laid them on a bed of sliced onion, using beer and a little lemon peel and fennel seed to braise them in. so good if you thicken the onion gravy and serve with noodles and sweet/sour cabbage. Likewise, you can do the same, only using enchilada sauce or good salsa for the braising liquid, letting them go until they are fork tender, then shredding them and using them in tacos, burritos, for ropa vieja served with rice and black beans; any number of things.

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      These sound really good. I was looking for something different to do with these too, other than a beef stew.

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        So funny you should reply to this after all this time! I have a package of boneless ribs in my freezer and was just thinking of trying some of mamachef's suggestions before you posted. I especially like the idea of braising them for shredded beef tacos. Hmmm, I think that settles it for tomorrow's din din. As far as the braising liquid though, I might forgo enchilada sauce or salsa and use a seasoned peppery beef broth for braising--to bring out the flavor of the beef rather than covering it up. Something tells me this beef cut will be perfect shredded with a bit of cilantro and onion sprinkled with fresco cheese inside a toasted corn tortilla.

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          I think your broth idea's a great one, especially because it will make your re-purposing of the braising liquid more variant-friendly than one that starts out solely Mexican-spiced. I need to keep this in mind.
          Are there going to be quartered limes with your tacos?

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        S-l-o-w-l-y Braise with 40 cloves (count them) of garlic...When tender, tighten the liquid a bit with a light brown roux....Serve over grits!!

        Sorry OP...I meant to reply to you!

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          Oh my G-d that sounds fantastic. I've done the chicken with 40..etc., but this makes me think and think again. It's like a version of grits n grillades, yeah? Plated up with some greens cooked down with ham and a splash of hot vinegar?
          (I'm going to my happy place in my mind.....)

      3. I made beef and barley soup recently with short ribs. I braised the meat the day before in plain beef broth, then let it cool overnight to skim the fat. I used that broth as the basis of the rest of the soup. It was great!

        Also: chili!

        1. If you have the equipment then hop onto the Sous Vide movement and cook them low and slow for 3 days. We've had the most amazing beef short ribs -- medium rare, fork tender and extremely tasty!

          1. Hey Hounds, I recently got my first pressure cooker and I am learning which dishes are easily adapable. I've done lentil soup and chili to get the procedure down, and I'm ready to get to braising. Has anyone had experience with the boneless beef ribs that they'd like to share, good or bad. I know that there are lots of short rib recipes out there.

            1. I also bought some boneless short ribs and was at a loss of what to do with them ! I'd like to try braising it but a few questions - hoping somebody can give me some advice :) I think I'll try to go the savoury (carrot / celery / onion / bayleaf) route and not the salsa route.

              - braise in oven or stovetop? my challenge is finding a cooking vessel with lid to go into oven for the slow braise... might have to settle for stovetop
              - If I were to braise in beer ... how much should I use? Should I use a mixture of beer + beef broth?
              - there seems to be a layer of tougher connective tissue attached .. I am guessing I should remove that as best I can before the browning/braising process?

              Thanks in advance for any tips!

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                I would fill to between 1/3 to 1/2 up the side of the short ribs. I don't think beef broth is necessary since the short ribs will be generating their own broth.

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                  If the lid is the problem (as it usually is, chez my house) just cover with heavy aluminum foil and top that off with a baking sheet.