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Nov 13, 2010 06:53 PM

Once again... restaurants in Mazatlan... with a 2.5 year old

We are heading to Mazatlan in December 2010. We have a 2.5 year old who is generally pretty good about eating new and different things.

We are staying at Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan, and therefore have the ability to bring things back to our room to cook.

A few questions:
a. where would you suggest for meals - simple breakfasts and lunches as well as dinners (in or out)? We do not eat alot of meat, although seafood is fine.

b. Is there any place that sells lactose free milk, or soy milk?

We are not wedded to restaurants within walking distance, but that would be useful...

Thanks for the information.

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  1. Breakfast at Panama, Zona Dorada or downtown. Family-friendly and oh so good. Actually, they are good any time of day. I think Mr Glidden will chime in with restaurants near the hotel, since that is where he stays. I live in centro, so am not so familiar with the tourist zone. You might want to try Diego's on the beach. It is not far from where you are staying. In Centro, I like to eat on Olas Altas, on the beach in the old part of town. Cava de Leon is really good and reasonable. Puerto Viejo has lots of fresh seafood. Not far from the beach is Te Amo Lucy, which is very good. It is located a block east of Plazuela Machado on Av. Constitucion. You will want to visit the Plazuela and possibly take a meal there. (Restaurants abound, with tourist prices, but you will be used to that!)
    Soy milk is available boxed. The brand is Ades. It can be hard to locate (sometimes it is with the boxed milk, sometimes with the juice), but all the large supermarkets have it. Lactose free milk? I don't know. Have a great time!

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      thank you! having seen his previous posts, I am also hoping that Mr glidden responds. If he does... we are not focused on so called american food. We have had some of our best meals in mexico in small taco stands, and are often happy to be adventurous with our food choices... we just want to be safe with the kid! Thanks again.

    2. There are a half dozen or so restaurants within easy walking distance of Pueblo Bonito, some very good, some not so good. Last year Diego's was La Hoguerra (same chef and owner) and was excellent, and I've mostly heard very good things about the expansion, upgrade, and name change. We're planning on eating there the first night we arrive (Jan. 3). Across the street is the seafood restaurant La Costa Marinera which is extremely popular and extremely raucous and "fun." I don't think the food is very good at all and I don't usually like the noise and the party atmosphere, but I'm sure I'm in the minority. I would also recommend Los Zarapes (on the second floor of a tiny shopping center on the east side of the street a couple of blocks south of PB). Pretty good food and easy to get to.

      I don't recommend the restaurants in PB except for the atmosphere. But the atmosphere is great—especially the beach/palapa restaurant Cilantro's. And PB's"breakfast only" restaurant, Las Palomas, which is allegedly good but I don't eat breakfast so I can't really say. And I can say that the breakfast at El Paraje (The Place), just down the street from PB, is cheap and popular. I can also say that the food served at lunch and dinner is, to me, vile, and the drunken karaoke at night is truly awful. If your kid or you would like rather good "American food" then Heather's Place, further south, is a good place to eat.

      When we get to Maz we first go to Soriana (supermarket) to stock up on things to cook for breakfast and snacks during the day (as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for the room). The Mini Super across the street from PB is also convenient but more expensive..

      Dee knows much more about El Centro restaurants, but we really like Topolo and Te Amo Lucy. And for seafood, La Puntilla (down by the docks ) and Bahía Maríscos (in old town). The seafood places we learned about from Dee. But Street Food in Maz can be great and do not miss the centro mercado.

      Have a great trip!

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      1. re: dlglidden

        I am headed to Maz on Sunday - yeah! Traveling w/ 6 and 9 year olds (pretty adventurous) and staying at PB Emerald Bay. I know this is far far away from everything else, but hoping that the shuttle to PB Maz works out.

        The other Maz thread is several years old, and has 50+ replies, so trying to figure out what is current info. So I have on my short list
        Te Amo Lucy
        Casa Loma
        El Tunel
        Las Lupita
        Is Chuchupetas in Villa Union worth the excursion?

        I have heard reports to stay away from town center/Plaza Machado due to the recent travel advisory. Real or paranoia? Daytime only? If imagined, I'd like to have a golden zone go-to list and a town center list. Apologies if I am confusing geographic areas, this trip came up suddenly, and I only had a few weeks to organize. Just now getting to the good stuff!

        Thanks in advance!

        1. re: bluedog67

          bluedog - if you have a chance, let me know how your trip goes - what you liked (food and otherwise!), what you didnt, where to go or not... thanks!

          1. re: charliemj

            We had a great week - perfect weather! We ate in the gold zone more than planned, mostly for convenience, and it was so hard to get the kids out of the pool! Safety-wise, it was ridiculous to avoid el centro - we had a hotel sponsored tour drop us off in the plaza ( at night) and pick us up after dinner!
            Panchos - great "fishbowl" margaritas, good food,nice environment. free tequila shots and kaluha and creme popped up out of nowhere
            Pedro y Lolas - fun place to watch all the plaza activities. food was good, service very good.
            El mariniere - very good fish entrees, afterthought side dishes were awful. we let the kids order off the american kid food menu this night - bad idea. Food was dry and tasted like it had been under a heat lamp for a long time. Didn't love the atmosphere, and since we had good fish in other places, i wouldn't put it high on my list.
            Las Lupitas - nice upscale restaurant, but kids welcomed. food was more formally plated, and we all had excellent fish dishes. kids had pasta - house made gnochi and fetuccine. prices were very reasonable for the type of food/atmosphere. $150 for 4 adults/2 kids with alchohol, apps, and dessert. mexican/meditereanean food.
            Casa Loma - great courtyard restaurant in a residential neighborhood. Food was good, a bit more expensive than most other places, nice service. some mediteranean menu items mixed in w/ the mexican dishes.
            Topolos- best meal of the trip. A few blocks off Plaza Machado, beautiful courtyard, excellent service. not ideal for kids, but they were very accomodating. tableside prepared roasted salsa was amazing! do make a reservation - when we arrived @ 6:15 or so, the restaurant was virtually empty, but they turned us away, as all tables were reserved for 7:00 and on. After a bit of pleading, they put us at a table that had an 8:00 reservation, and we had plenty of time. Great place!
            Diegos - really fun beach bar/restaurant. tables in the sand, papalas style hut, hammocks, etc. menu is limited - but everything we ate was terrific. the grilled octopus was really perfect, as was a beef dish. great fries, onion rings. great service, and really fun enviroment.

            Hope this helps, and feel free to ask more specific questions!

          2. re: bluedog67

            I'll respond to a couple of things (but not all; I'm not a Travel Agent).

            Staying away from El Centro is absurd; it's paranoia. Walking in the tourist areas after dark is probably safer than walking around in your home town at night. But exercise common sense and pay attention: bad stuff can happen. And the Plazuela Machado area is probably one of the SAFEST places to be.

            Restaurants on your list that I know are still open (and I eat at) and worth visiting include Bahía Mariscos, Diego's, Te Amo Lucy, and El Túnel. But there a great many others that you didn't ask about. And, frankly, I don't think it's worth the trouble to go to Villa Union to eat at Chuchupetas, especially if you don't have a car; but if you are bored and restless and want to briefly "get out town," go ahead.

            And you can find entirely too many restaurant recommendations and food fights by locals, expats, and tourists on WHATSUPMAZ.ORG and MAZINFO.COM (Yahoo! Group). And both sites are free and have decent Search functions.

            1. re: bluedog67

              Chuchupetas is a must if you love seafood. Fresh, authentically Mexican and expertly prepared across the board. As a side note, it was packed and we were the only Gringos.

              Bahia was our other favorite.

            2. re: dlglidden

              dlglidden - thank you! I had hoped to hear from you. We certainly are not going to Mazatlan for the food, and I think that we see eye to eye on drunken karaoke... I suspect that we will be in bed long before that starts!