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Nov 13, 2010 03:30 PM

Upscale restaurant in Bradenton for 75th Birthday gift

Hi. I would like to buy a gift certificate for dinner at a restaurant in Bradenton for my uncle who is turning 75. I would like a nice restaurant, more upscale but does not have to be overly fancy with a good wine menu and nice atmosphere. American, Italian, Steak would be fine. nothing too ethnic or spicy. Just good American type of fare. I also dont want an uncomfortable atmosphere as they are in their 70s and I want them to be comfortable. Also, i would prefer the restaurant to be in Bradenton so they dont have to travel too far. I saw the posts with Bradenton restaurants but it seemed to be a few years old so I would really appreciate suggestions. I saw something online about Mangrove grill? Opinions? Thank you so much.

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  1. I'm not terribly familiar with Bradenton's offerings, but I did visit the Mangrove Grill a couple of months ago and it was a pleasant enough experience. No one is forging any new culinary paths at the Mangrove Grill, but they had an extensive menu of familiar offerings and most of what we tried was good (but not memorable). It's a pretty place overlooking the yacht basin. I prefer more creative cuisine, but I think elder folk who don't want to venture too far out of the box would probably enjoy it.