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Nov 13, 2010 03:27 PM

Portovivo (Huntington) - I'd give it 3.5 stars

I couldn't find a review of this on here so I am starting this thread. We have eaten here twice now in the last 5 months or so and have enjoyed it both times. The first time we were there i had pork chops, which were large, but very tasty, as i recall. Our most recent visit this week I had pork again (big surprise) which i couldn't even finish. It was a shank this time so a little different. for starters i had the mushroom veloute with raviolis. This was really good as well. Mrs. Strongisland had the skate which was tasty, according to her. Also, enjoyed a couple of drinks at the bar which was pretty busy but we found the bar staff to be very helpful.

Price-wise i had no complaints last night since it was (unbeknownst to me) Long Island restaurant week. On my other visit i recall thinking it was on the higher end of things in Huntington. And of course as soon as you start hitting the wine it really adds up (i.e $14 a glass)

So few complaints from us when we have been there. One negative i like to pin on places out here is when they try too much to be like the city. This place can be like that a bit but i haven't found it a detraction as of yet. Parking can be a pain as well as they have valet parking but I just assume park my own car even if i have to walk a bit.

What have others thought of this place?

Porto Vivo
7 Gerard Street, Huntington, NY 11743

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  1. I reviewed it in the restaurants section last winter; we liked it just fine, but haven't felt terribly motivated to go back, either. I still prefer Honu (this iteration, none of the others) and the revived Bistro Cassis. Mine was Feb 17th. I have to say, a lot of our favorite places have dropped wine by the glass to $8 or $9 lately with no loss of quality.

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      Weird. Couldn't find that the first time around.

      Sounds like you've had a a similar experience to us. I agree on your Honu comment. We went back in the late spring and things had definitely improved. We will go back there again soon.

      Glad to see your comments on Bistro Cassis. I recall a number of people on here noting its decline. So what has happened to turn this place around? new chef? new owners? new menu? It has been a few years since we ate there last. I mostly recall that it was a bit crowded.

      Have you tried Fado yet?

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        The search tool on CH is very unreliable, I've found.

        The owner of Bistro Cassis spent time at the restaurant this past summer, we encountered him at a lunch and dinner, circulating, closely watching and supervising shortly after Erica Marcus wrote about an awful experience at Brasserie Cassis in Plainview. Coincidence?

        The same young manager (son of former manager) is still in charge in Huntington but is much more present and actively managing, from appearances the other night. I think Erica Marcus's mention of her awful experience at Brasserie Cassis got the owner to do some quality assurance in these spots, perhaps in addition to the CHers feedback here. Whatever did it, I'm so glad to have Bistro Cassis to look forward to again. It is crowded, noisy, long waits, but when it's firing on all cylinders in front and in the kitchen, it's worth it, we think.

        Haven't been to Fado yet.

    2. Was there once, with the family. Had a pretty good meal, the desserts stood out in particular. The negative, and likely reason we aren't in a rush to go back, is it was NOISY. This was on a weeknight, too. Striving to be a "happening scene" kind of place, which is irrelevant to me. Just wish they'd spend some money on sound absorption.

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        I'd read a lot about the scene and the noise, but the very snowy night we went in, they were very empty, so I can't comment firsthand about that.

      2. I've eaten here several times and have really enjoyed it everytime.It can be pricey,especially with drinks as you mention but the food is good and I really like the decor/atmosphere. There are three separate dining areas.Four if you add in the wine cellar,which looks like it's setup for private parties.On the ground floor is a nice dining room,with a high ceiling and the tables are nicely spread out. Walk up the stairs and there is a bar with lots of table space for dining or drinking.Then on the top floor is another dining room.The way the restaurant is laid out each space is separate and distinct from the other ones.The food is good and service has always been excellent.My wife and I dine in Huntington often and this has become one of out favorite places to go.