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Nov 13, 2010 02:27 PM


I'm looking for lobster rolls and lobster raviolis in the bay area. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

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  1. Old Port Lobster Shack for rolls. New Twenty Five Lusk has lobster ravioli.

    Old Port Lobster Shack
    851 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94063

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    1. re: wolfe

      A friend and I went to 25 Lusk last week and shared most dishes. I am a real lobster (and ravioli) lover but their lobster ravioli was not anything I would order again. (Another table's entree of scallops only came with 3 scallops.)

      Service was great, restaurant was beautiful, not noisy, but, I have no desire to return.

    2. Woodhouse on Market had Lobster Rolls, I've alway enjoyed my meals there.

      Woodhouse Fish Company
      2073 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114

      1. Sea salt has lobster rolls. The kind that are just butter and lobster but not on the roll.

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          Sorry the link did not appear, Sea Salt 2512 San Pablo Avenue
          Berkeley, CA 94702-2013

          Sea Salt
          2512 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702

        2. sam's chowderhouse in half moon bay. they also have a truck that visits golden gate park.

          Sam's Chowder House
          4210 Cabrillo Hwy, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

          1. just thought of another one

            il pastaio sells lobster ravioli. they are based in south san francisco, but also sell at local farmers markets. it's the guy with the tie dyed shirt in el cerrito and JLS farmers markets. i've had it once...pretty good!

            Il Pastaio Fresh Pasta Company
            250 S Maple Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080

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            1. re: majordanby

              If that's the same guy who sells at the Tennessee Valley (Mt Tam) farmers market during the summer they are indeed pretty good.