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Nov 13, 2010 02:19 PM

Where to find uni (sea urchin)?

We love uni! It's hard to find here...wondering if anyone knows of a sushi place (or fish monger) that has it somewhat regularly?

We usually get it from Wakamono, but when they run out, it would be nice to have a few alternatives.

1251 Mont-Royal est, Montreal, QC H2J 1Y4, CA

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  1. MIyamoto is a pretty easy source. For fishmongers have seen routinely at La Mer and Gidney's. Probably at Falero as well though I don't frequent that often.

    1. The best Uni that I have ever had was at Jun i on Laurier. They are probably the premier sushi place in town. The server told me that they source their Uni directly from the East coast and that that quality of Canadian Uni generally exceeds that of that of Asia. I can't say for sure if that it true, but this Uni was super fresh, creamy, and delicious.

      1. Saw it fresh today at La Mer - ReneLevesque / Papineau.

        1. Thx for starting this thread, kb...on a related note, does anyone know where to find the uni paste in a jar?

          I brought a bottle back from San Francisco once and it was amazing - obviously not anything like the real thing, but it lets you add an uni-like flavour and texture to all kinds of dishes. I haven't had any luck finding it in town - tried many of the usual haunts (Eden, the place on Ste. Cath west near the Korean resto, Kim Phat, the one in CDN plaza) but no luck. People seem to have no idea what I'm talking about when I ask for it. Any sightings?

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          1. re: anachemia

            Why didn't you try Miyamoto? Sounds like you've got a Japanese product and have been asking everywhere except a Japanese grocer. Your other longshot is the grocer in La Cité, who does carry Japanese and Korean ingredients (including some nice mild kimchee).

            1. re: wattacetti

              "the grocer in La Cité" is Eden, I believe, which was already checked.

              What is this paste? Is it just 'juiced' Uni roe?

              1. re: The Chemist

                I've purchased stuff from them for years and never caught onto their name (so thanks for the clarification).

                My aunt has used this paste though that was in Taiwan. I always thought it was puréed uni reproductive glands (they're hermaphrodites) with additions to keep it a paste.

          2. Nouveau Falero definitely has uni. I was there last week and saw it.