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Nov 13, 2010 02:11 PM

Nardulli, Clapham, London

A gelateria/cafe near Clapham common that makes their own gelati.

Intense flavour in the pistachio gelato, a mild toasted nut to the flavour, rounded off by a nutty buttery finish. Texture is creamy, dense and somewhat Scoop like. A very very faint shadow of powder at the end, perhaps from the ground nut? An excellent rendition.

Macadamia seemed a little lighter than the pistachio, and also sweeter, with perhaps slightly less of the nutty flavour.

Wonder what the other flavours are like. If the pistachio is any indication, they're a pretty serious gelato contender. Will probably check out their pastries as well.

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  1. Dangerous place, as I walk past it every day on my way home from the tube station. :-)

    Just as a heads-up, it's only open Fri, Sat & Sun from now until mid-Feb. I suppose there's not so much business selling ice cream in the Winter!