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Nov 13, 2010 01:42 PM

Can I reduce cheap store bought beef stock for a sauce? Errr should I?

I'm making the recipe below but have no red wine... I do have some frozen homemade chicken stock that I use all the time to reduce into a sauce, but I was thinking maybe I'd be better off doing the same with cheap store bought beef stock? I'm also out of homemade veal stock... The butcher never has any bones for me. One day he'll sucker me into the 40lb box of frozen veal bones for sure, but I'm not there yet ;)

What's my best option? I also have some pretty good balsamic vinegar, could I substitute the 1/3rd cup of wine my recipe calls for, for 1/3rd cup of balsamic? Basically after my beef roast, the recipe says to take out the meat, reduce some wine, then add some stock and reduce again from there.

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  1. What is the recipe? I'm missing where the link is....

    On the stock issue, you'll likely be better off with reduced homemade chicken stock instead of cheap beef stock- the reducing is going to do it no favors.

    For the wine, vinegar + fruit juice could work if you have no wine.....depends on what you have on hand and what the overall roast recipe is (e.g. flavors/seasonings it has, etc.)

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      Sorry I posted this and it got deleted, because I didn't read the rules first.

      I can post links, just can't copy/paste.

      Here's the recipe, bottom of the page:

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        now that I see the recipe.
        It calls for canned broth. You can use the broth to deglaze and just add a bit of balsamic to finish the sauce but do not reduce it.

    2. no, not enough gelatin from bones.

      1. If you reduce "cheap stock bought" stock it will intensify it's cheap store bought - ness and then add balsamic instead of wine.
        I see a multitude of problems that are possible here.
        Store bought stock does not have the dissolved collagen and gelatin that real stock has so it does not thicken as it reduces.
        Store bought stock usually has lots of salt and when reduced just gets saltier.
        Balsamic Vinegar sweeter and more acidic than most wines are and when reduced it get more sweet and sour.

        1. Thanks everyone! I'd cooked up some chicken thighs earlier tonight for the little one, which I pan fry on the skin side and then finish in the oven for ~20 mins, usually with some chicken stock.. Low on stock so I just added water tonight, and even that water tasted great. I had it left in the pan, so I added a big handful of homemade stock ice cubes to that, a couple big glugs of balsamic, and reduced to a near glaze together, then added the blood from the roast. Tasted along the way, tastes great. :)

          Just reminds me of how much I need more veal stock in my freezer though.. Juice of the gods!

          I can never seem to justify spending $10+ on a lousy bottle of wine for a half cup here and there for a sauce and such, seems rich.