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Nov 13, 2010 01:10 PM

Victorinox Fibrox vs. D-R Sani-Safe vs. Mundial 5100

What are the pros/cons of each of these 10'' knives?

1. Victorinox Fibrox
2. Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe
3. Mundial 5100 Forged

I realize that the first 2 are stamped and the Mundial is forged, but they are all at a similar price point. I have an 8'' Victorinox Fibrox knife, and my only complaint is that it is very light.. not sure that I would necessarily like something heavier, as I've never tried, but that is just my impression from using it for a while.

So if you've used more than one of these on the list, which did you like better, and why?
-blade thickness, weight, etc..

Also, what is more common - 8'' chefs knife or 10''? I have an 8'' now as I mentioned, but I figure why not go for the 10''.

Edit - one more question - for the Dexter-Russells, what is the difference between the Basics and Sani-Safe line? Notice around a $10 price difference.. same knife but different handle?

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  1. Jrad,

    I have not used any of these knives :) I have used several Dexter-Russell knives, but not the Chef's knives. Dexter makes good knives at their price range. Victorinox knives are highly respected, maybe more so than Dexter. No idea about Mundial. I will speak for Dexter. Easy to sharpen, take on a good edge for its price, edge retention is so-so, not bad, just not great. Plenty toughness, not tons of hardness.

    Technically, 8" is more popular for home cooks, no question about it. However, many serious cooks prefer 10" because it can handle a wider range of foods. Does that answer your question?

    Basic and Sani-Safe have the same steel, only different handle. This is true for many other cutley knives as well.

    If you look at Wusthof, you will notice that all of their knives on this page are made of the same steel grade. (Ok, it is said that Ikon is harden to a higher level, but same steel)

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      From dealing with all three, Mundial is blaa.... Stick with Dexter or Victorinox. Dexter is easier to sharpen though. I like the Dexter soft grip line.

      1. re: ZeroSignal

        That's what I suspect, but it is great to have someone who has handled Mundial. Thanks.

    2. The difference betweeen the basic and sani-safe is that the sani-safe knives are intended to go through commercial dishwashing machines; the wooden handles aren't. Blades are the same.

      I haven't used the Mundial 5100 knives enough to have much of an opinion about them. I've used other series, stamped, that show up in commercial settings. All of those, and the DR, and Forshner knives are pretty nice. They all take a good edge, and are easy to sharpen. I'd use any of them without complaint.

      Heavy isn't really an advantage in a knife, particularly one used for general purpose knife work. It's nice in a meat cleaver, but for something you're going to do prep with, heavy just means tiring.

      As for what's the common length, it depends on where you look. Home kitchens, you won't find many 10 or 12 inch knives. Commercial kitchens, you won't find many 8. The advantage of a big knife is that it's a big knife, and you can do more with it at once. 8" is already too big to do delicate work with, so the only downside is that you need a reasonably sized cutting board, which can be a problem in small kitchen.

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      1. re: dscheidt

        So if I want to try out a dexter russell, should I just save some money and grab one from the basic line? They have plastic handles it looks like from the amazon picture. Im not going to put it in the dishwasher anyway.

        1. re: jrad

          What about the wood handle Traditional line? :)

          Depending how many knives you want to get, Katom charges shipping but offers knives at a lower price.

          For example:
          8" Traditional Cook's knife is $33 from Amazon and $25 from Katom.

          8" Vo-Lo Cook's knife is $38 from Amazon and $23 from Katom

          1. re: jrad

            No, I wouldn't use the Basic line as being representative of Dexter-Russell. The Sani-Safe line is where I would start. The Basic line competes with cheap imports and is such itself. Sani-Safe and up will give you a much better idea why Dexter-Russell is widely used. I'm actually getting a Sani-Safe 10" Cook's Knife this week hopefully( it's on order), if you want some feedback on it.

            The Sani-Safe handles are deceptive, they look uncomfortable but aren't and offer a great deal of control when your hands are wet.

            1. re: SanityRemoved

              I assume you got your knife by now - forgot about this post.

              Any comments on how it's been?

              1. re: jrad

                Me too, sorry about the delay. It did take longer than I expected to arrive.

                I'm very happy with it. The weight and balance are comfortable. I'm sure it could take a sharper edge but the factory sharpness is good and I have only used a steel on it. Some people may not like the handle but I think it's design is very smart. Because of the texture it is very resistant to slipping when your hand is wet. A benefit during use and for cleaning.

                I liked it enough that I purchased an 8" version as a gift for a friend.

                1. re: SanityRemoved

                  Have you used the Victorinox Fibrox for comparison? Just wondering how these two stack up against each other, since they are pretty much the same price.

                  1. re: jrad

                    Dexter is easier to sharpen especially if you let it go to long.
                    Restaurant guys prefer Dexter, Butchers prefer Victorinox.

                    1. re: jrad

                      Mosfet's statement is the general conscious. Dexter-Russell is a bit easier to sharpen. Victorinox/Forschner can take on a slightly better edge and the edge last longer. Most knife enthusiasts like Victorinox a touch better.

                      1. re: jrad

                        No, I haven't used the Fibrox, so I can't help on that part.

            2. Dexter-Russell Basic line is imported, Sani-Safe are made in the US.

              1. Also the Dexters handle shape is a little more comfortable.

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                1. re: MOSFET

                  Anyone know how tall the Dexter and Victorinox are? As in, how tall is the blade at the part closest to the handle? Just wondering as I have a 10'' chefs knife that I bought a couple weeks ago, and it is incredibly tall. I thought I would like it, but I'm not too sure now. Just wondering if either of these two are a little shorter but I can't find dimensions anywhere online.