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Nov 13, 2010 12:41 PM


Expat here. Lived on 16th and Pearl for two or three years before moving back to Chicago. Before Denver, I was down in ABQ for a years as well. Fast forward, the s/o is going back to Den for a week. I'm looking for a place they can buy frozen roasted (hopefully peeled) green chiles to bring back on the plane. I can't remember if they are generally available in every major supermarket out there - I never bought them frozen. I always bought fresh roasted out of the big drums *droooool.*

I think most of the time, the SO will be in Centennial around Arapahoe and Peoria if that matters. I think they will get a car. If all else fails, does anyone sell them at the airport?

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  1. I'm pretty sure you can get either Bueno or Santiago's in any major grocery in the area.

    1. As Robyn says.. in a pinch you can get the Bueno frozen products in most grocery stores... If canned chilies are a D+ I would give the frozen Bueno products a C at best. Exception being the "Autumn Roast" product ( which warrant a B-.

      Santiago's Green Chile is available frozen, is VERY good and expensive (~7$/2 pint container). I'm assuming you want to make your own so...

      you need to have your "mule" (drug reference!) go to The Chili Guys at 55th and Federal ( They have a ton of types to choose from so he/she will probably want to ask advice of the counter guys. I really liked the Pueblo extra hots and some Big Jims.

      As far as I know- this is the only store in Denver that sells real-deal chilies year round. Great place.

      Also- a great spot for harder-to-find mexican and new mexican spices and powders- but I assume you can get most of this stuff in Chi-town.

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        Thanks, I do want to make my own. Looking for frozen, roasted, not fresh. I was never a big fan of Santiago's, but that's just a preference deal. I'm pretty good at making my own, but I can't find real deal green chile in chicago anywhere, so I've been making a side deal with my CSA grower. He grows big jims and sandias, I roast em, make green chile, and share with him. His farm is in Wis. Some years the chiles are ok (JUST ok, mind you) but this year, they sucked. So, with the so's corp office in Denver, I figured this year, they are gonna get some real deal SW grown GC. I'm sure no matter what I get will be better than what I've been working with for the past five years, so they might just get sent to the closest king sooper to stuff a suitcase for the flight home. I'm specifically loking for frozen, roasted green chiles. Canned - not an option. No way. I'll have them on the lookout for that Autumn Roast is they are near a Wal-Mart.

        Thanks for the replies! Keep them coming if you can think of anything! I think, at the very least, the so can get some at a grocery store nearby.

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          I'm an ex-pat too and I have my frozen green chilis shipped from New Mexico Connection

          They are superb.

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            Gordeaux, I think you missed the essence of my reply as I cluttered the content with other blather, but I will clarify in case someone is searching anew:

            The only place in Denver, that I know of, with good frozen Green Chilies is "The Chili Guys" at 55th and Federal. They have a couple of freezer cases with wonderful choices: Hatch, Big Jim, Pueblo, Dynamite, etc... They have them whole or chopped. You can buy just roasted or you can buy them roasted and cleaned for a little bit more. It's an absolute godsend for me when I visit since I've moved from Denver.