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Nov 13, 2010 12:06 PM

Looking for the best kaiser bread in Toronto

Hi all,

I am looking a place to buy kaiser bread. The type I'm looking for is lightly crusted on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. When pressed, the crust cracks, preferably still warm.

Anyone knows a place sell such kaiser bread? Preferably in the Scarborough and North York areas.



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  1. Kaiser BREAD? You mean a loaf of bread? I'll assume instead that you mean kaiser ROLLS, a type of bun readily available at most bakeries and supermarkets in Toronto. If so, there are - as I'm sure you know -a lot of lousy ones around town, bland and undistinguished, neither crusty nor chewy enough. I refer to mostly the ones bagged in plastic in supermarkets. I don't know the Scarborough kaiser roll situation, but in North York there are a number of smallish Jewish-style bakeries that turn out a creditable product with the consistency you're looking for. Most of them are on or around Bathurst St. north of Lawrence Ave. to about Steeles Ave. W. I get mine at Bagel Plus, a family-run bakery-cafe in a large plaza on the northwest corner of Bathurst and Sheppard Ave. W. If you absolutely insist on warm, get there shortly after 6 a.m., when the place opens (7 a.m. on weekends) and all products are fresh out of the oven. But the racks are constantly replenished, so you've got a decent chance at warm rolls throughout most of the day. There are a number of other bakeries in the area that, I'm sure, are just as good at turning out a decent, crusty kaiser, but it's to Bagel Plus I invariably go. Price: 75 cents apiece. Easy parking. Note: Bagel Plus offers day-old bread and rolls on its half-price racks to the right of the front door. Still tasty, certainly good value, but, of course, the kaisers won't be warm.

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      Thanks for your reply juno! Yes, Kaiser rolls is what I meant. The last time I was at Bagel Plus I was told they didn't sell kaiser rolls.

      I wish there were more of these types of Jewish bagel shops in the east end. Are there any in Scarborough?

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        Bagel Plus sells kaiser rolls, and has always done so. You'll spot them on the shelves to the left as soon as you walk in the front door. It's a staple at any Jewish-style bakery - you'll find them at Bagel World as well, and Richman's, and What-a-Bagel (a chain, but a pretty good one) or any other of the dozen or so small bakeries up and down north Bathurst St. and environs. About Scarborough, I knoweth not, but I'm doubtful. Jewish bagel shops and bakeries understandably tend to locate in Jewish neighborhoods. Though perhaps there's a What-a-Bagel outlet in or near Scarborough - What-a-Bagel products are certainly respectable, but not ordinarily a match for the family-run Bathurst St. enterprises.

        Incidentally, I've never found kaiser rolls particularly "chewy" on the inside. More like "spongy" is the way I'd describe it, an ideal platform for sandwich ingredients - though when fresh and warm, kaisers are good if simply buttered and nothing else. If you want "chewy", Italian Calabrese rolls are more like it. For the best Calabreses, I must defer to my more expert Italian friends.