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Nov 13, 2010 11:55 AM

Caul fat!

I wanna use it. I've owned the "Fat" cook book for a while and saw it in there, but I just saw an episode of uber-annoying Anne Burrell on Food Network where she used it, and it pushed me over the edge. Where do I get it? Anyone?

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  1. the only place i can think of checking is dai due, because i get their newsletter and it mentions all sorts of stuff like leaf lard.
    they have a relationship with lots of farmers (ranchers?) so i think it could be a good starting point.

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      Omg this place looks awesome. Thanks for the tip. Whether or not they actually have caul fat, I'm gonna have to procure some of these wares :)

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        dai due doesn't sell anything like this - they sometimes have lard but don't generally sell anything that hasn't been processed somehow, but they can probably point you in the right direction. peach creek farms will sell you "caul fat" but it's not - it's leaf fat, which is something totally different.

      2. Nowhere. I asked *everywhere* except the Mexican Markets about 3 years ago. (I don't know how non-spanish speakers or non-Mexicans communicate with the carniceria - and even if you do ask for it by it's spanish name, they try and give you something else with a sly smirk)


        1. did some casual googling, came across this blog

          if you "Cntrl F" and find "caul" down a bit, there's a link to Peach Creek Farm you could give a shot.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. most butchers should have it....i saw the same episode i think....with the turkey wrapped in bacon? im sooo trying to make it this turkey day!! anyway...thats where im getting mine from. just bring them a picture of the caul fat...and do not get the leaf is sooo totally different...our meat locker here in town showed me that and it is nowhere near what you need! hope this helps!!