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Nov 13, 2010 11:46 AM

Ciao Fabbrica

Ate twice at Fabbrica last night...frirst and last!! Overall experience was okay as was the food, however price and attitude was outragious. We were 4 in total, two couples. Three of us ordered the roast chicken, however, instead of polenta, we asked for potatos. Waitress said no problem but advised their may be a small surcharge. Finish dinner, ask for the bill and they have charged us eacjh $8.00 plus an additional $1 service charge. Total $27.00 to repalce polenta with 4 small roasted new potatoes each. With wine bill comes to $320.00. obscene for what we ate. Call the waitress over, politely explain our disaitsfaction, and she sends the manger over. He says he can remove the $1 service charge but the $8.00 each stands. We thank him and advise him he has lost our buiness forever. I will never set foot in another Mcewan establishment agian.

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  1. Even if I subtract $30 for the spuds, how in the world does three roast chicken dinners and some other dinner plus wine cost $300? Curious minds would like to know.

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    1. re: foodyDudey

      I am not surprised given that someone else on another thread reported that a pizza lunch was something like $200. Hell I was duped by him once, and never again.
      I mistakenly bought a buffalo mozeralla from him that was half the price elsewhere around town.

      $300 bucks for roast chicken - you gotta be kidding me. I'd much rather go to Pastis, George or Scaramouche for probably even less.

      That really is highway robbery.

    2. Whaddya expect from a celeb chef incapable of navigating the waters of late 2010? This and other accounts suggests Mark just might be circling the drain soon. Too bad but no one's going to take this kind of hauteur for long.

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      1. re: Kagemusha

        Here's our order;

        1 pizza to share-$23.00
        1 buffalo Mozzarella to share-$16.00
        1 salad to share-$13.00
        1 pasta to share-$20.00
        3 chickens with potaoes, 3 @ $35.00-$105.00
        1 fish-$30.00
        1 litre of wine-$70.00
        1-dessert to share-$9.00

        Total-$286 plus tax-$323 plus tip. Outragious and just not that good

        1. re: robb

          $35 for roast chicken and potatoes!? That'd be outrageous even for Manhattan or San Francisco! And what was the $1 service charge for?

          We walked past a couple of times, saw the menu with high end prices and chose to wait to see the reviews first. This did it. Easy pass. Thanks!

          1. re: robb

            I was going to say $80 each inclusive of tax and tip was on the expensive side but hardly outrageous, but looking again I see that that was before tip, a C-note each for casual Italian does seem rather much.

            I'm actually most shocked that you paid $70 for what I assume was a 1L carafe of "house" wine.

            1. re: bytepusher

              Although sold in 1/2 litres the wine is not what you would normally refer to as house. Check out the website and you wil see what I mean.


              1. re: robb

                You pay for the wine and they include the cheesy for free. ;)

                $9 potatoes is the best story I've read here.

          1. Wow!!
            I paid $160 for four at Simple Bistro. Great food too!

            Simple Bistro
            619 Mount Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S2M5, CA

            1. I just read The Star's review. They gave Fabbrica 2/4 stars. I wonder if Keste taught them to undercook pizza or if they learned that on their own.