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Nov 13, 2010 10:48 AM

Adding Quince to a slow cooker stew

I am making the Tunisian Lamb Stew chow recipe:

and have converted the dish to a slow cooker at low. The original recipe calls for adding the Quince for the last hour of cooking. I was wondering when the best time to add the Quince so that it does not overcook.

I should add that I am preparing the Stew the day before I plan to serve it as the flavors do get better the next day. I've considered adding the Quince during the re-heat process on day #2 (alotting 1 -2 hours at low) but I am under the impression that the fruit adds to and absorbs the flavors from the sauce........ which might get lost if I only add it at the very end?


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  1. Cooking quince takes a while. Those things are rocks. An hour is just fine.

    1. Add the quince earlier rather than later. My choice would be to add it for the last couple hours of the original cooking time, and then reheat the whole lot together. Unlike apple, quince slices aren't going to mush up and disappear totally, and there's absolutely no advantage to having them "lightly cooked".

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      1.'s how it goes so far:

        I apparently miscalculated on the timing as I have a pot full of very cooked lamb and a large amount of undercooked (extra crunchy) Quince. I have resorted to fishing out the all the Quince and cooking itseparately in some reserve sauce for an additional hour or so.

        (I know you can't really overcook stewed meat in a slowcooker but there are only a few chunks of meat left and the sauce is filled with braised meat shreds...still yummy but a different consistency than I had expected).

        I will update when complete. I still love the flavor of this original dish.

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          I ultimately ended up with the best tasting Tunisian Lamb and Quince "chunky soup" I have ever tasted.