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Le Creuset- Your most used size?

I have a 7.25qt round, and 5qt oval French oven, a 3.5qt braiser and a 40% off outlet coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I'm thinking of buying another of these pieces in a different size.

Don't need anything bigger than the 7.25 and don't want LC sauce or fry pans; they're just too heavy.

So with those restrictions what size/shape would you suggest I add to my collection? What size do you use the most? Thanks!

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  1. The large cast iron roasting pan or the gratin pans are great. Use mine all the time!

    1. I highly recommend the wide round - in whatever size suits you most. I use the 3.5 most but only because we are in a TINY kitchen . The wide round design is the most versatile IMHO, and I use it all the time. If I had space for a bigger freezer I would probably go to 5 but I just don't have the space for freezing as many leftovers as a larger size would produce.

      1. I bought one of the large roasters last month (#40 on the bottom), and so far have made Ina's Perfect Roast Chicken, macaroni & cheese, and a big apple crisp in it. It's too much apple crisp (I live alone), but it was perfect for the other two (even alone, I love leftovers of some things).

        Next, a Lasagna Bolognese.

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            I've seen the LC ceramic (stoneware?) pans in this shape, but I never noticed cast iron. I always just make a beeline for the ovens. Do you think the LC roasters perform better than other metal, glass, etc for the dishes you make in it?

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              Yes, excellent for roasting veggies, etc, making gratins, lasagna, etc.

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                Before this, I mostly used a pyrex 9" x 13", whose sides really aren't high enough. I put cubes of bread on my macaroni and cheese, which really fills it up. So the LC roaster is better from that perspective.

                And it's the same with roasting a chicken. The "Perfect Roast Chicken" recipe calls for carrots, onions, and fennel, and there's not enough room in the pyrex. So the LC is a winner here, too.

                The roaster is heavy. The number on the bottom is 40. It holds 5 quarts.

            2. A gratin is one of the most useful things in the kitchen. I use the #32 size for roasting chicken, and am on the lookout for a used #20 size -- roughly 9 x 6 inches -- for actual gratins (there are just two of us). A #24 -- about 10 x 7 inches -- would be better if you're regularly more than two at the table.

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                I have two of the small gratin pans (#28) which I purchased because the outlet store was out of the larger ones - glad I got these two as they have been discontinued. They make the most fabulous gratins and scalloped potatoes and are the perfect size for 2 - 3 people. The larger roaster is great for a crowd, but I use the smaller ones all the time.

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                  I have a 24 and a 32. I like the 24 for crisps and the 32 for fish.

                2. Well I certianly think you have the most useful sizes covered. There are a lot of other good suggestions posted. I don't have a gratin, but I do find that interesting.

                  1. The most used size in my house is actully the small 2qt (#18) because I cook rice and grains almost everyday with this small pot. I cooked the same rice and grains before with SS saucepan but not anymore - I notice difference of the taste - especially starchy short grain rice - when I use LC DO. Now LC has a heritage line 2qt and it is very cute. If you cook grains/rice often, don't want to own a rice cooker like me, you might like it. I saw it at LC outlet store, too.

                    1. How did you find a 40% off outlet coupon? That's my burning question.

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                        Ha funny and good Q Peachie! I've wanted a piece in Caribbean Blue since I first saw it in Sur La Table, but I refuse to pay retail. Waiting for it to hit the outlet. In another thread someone mentioned they saw some CB in their outlet. I called the one near me and was told they had some now. Just mentioned I've been waiting for that color and was excited to hear it was in. Sales clerk asked my name and if I was on their mailing list. Gave it to her and she confirmed I was. Just idle chit chat, but about a week later got a coupon with a nice note that said hope this helps you get your Caribbean Blue! So cool. It's good for Nov and I'm going to make good use of it!

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                          Thanks, Island. I'll get my behind to the outlet store and sign up.

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                            I think it was just a random act of kindness, because I've been on the mailing list for years and never received anything other than their regular sales notices. Asking if I was on the mailing list allowed her to find my address to send the card. Now that you know those coupons exist it wouldn't hurt to ask. I will in the future.

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                              Another excellent tip. Thanks again.