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Nov 13, 2010 10:35 AM

Le Creuset- Your most used size?

I have a 7.25qt round, and 5qt oval French oven, a 3.5qt braiser and a 40% off outlet coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I'm thinking of buying another of these pieces in a different size.

Don't need anything bigger than the 7.25 and don't want LC sauce or fry pans; they're just too heavy.

So with those restrictions what size/shape would you suggest I add to my collection? What size do you use the most? Thanks!

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  1. The large cast iron roasting pan or the gratin pans are great. Use mine all the time!

    1. I highly recommend the wide round - in whatever size suits you most. I use the 3.5 most but only because we are in a TINY kitchen . The wide round design is the most versatile IMHO, and I use it all the time. If I had space for a bigger freezer I would probably go to 5 but I just don't have the space for freezing as many leftovers as a larger size would produce.

      1. I bought one of the large roasters last month (#40 on the bottom), and so far have made Ina's Perfect Roast Chicken, macaroni & cheese, and a big apple crisp in it. It's too much apple crisp (I live alone), but it was perfect for the other two (even alone, I love leftovers of some things).

        Next, a Lasagna Bolognese.

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            I've seen the LC ceramic (stoneware?) pans in this shape, but I never noticed cast iron. I always just make a beeline for the ovens. Do you think the LC roasters perform better than other metal, glass, etc for the dishes you make in it?

            1. re: Island

              Yes, excellent for roasting veggies, etc, making gratins, lasagna, etc.

              1. re: Island

                Before this, I mostly used a pyrex 9" x 13", whose sides really aren't high enough. I put cubes of bread on my macaroni and cheese, which really fills it up. So the LC roaster is better from that perspective.

                And it's the same with roasting a chicken. The "Perfect Roast Chicken" recipe calls for carrots, onions, and fennel, and there's not enough room in the pyrex. So the LC is a winner here, too.

                The roaster is heavy. The number on the bottom is 40. It holds 5 quarts.

            2. A gratin is one of the most useful things in the kitchen. I use the #32 size for roasting chicken, and am on the lookout for a used #20 size -- roughly 9 x 6 inches -- for actual gratins (there are just two of us). A #24 -- about 10 x 7 inches -- would be better if you're regularly more than two at the table.

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              1. re: ellabee

                I have two of the small gratin pans (#28) which I purchased because the outlet store was out of the larger ones - glad I got these two as they have been discontinued. They make the most fabulous gratins and scalloped potatoes and are the perfect size for 2 - 3 people. The larger roaster is great for a crowd, but I use the smaller ones all the time.

                1. re: ellabee

                  I have a 24 and a 32. I like the 24 for crisps and the 32 for fish.

                2. Well I certianly think you have the most useful sizes covered. There are a lot of other good suggestions posted. I don't have a gratin, but I do find that interesting.