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Nov 13, 2010 09:55 AM

Looking for NJ liquor store recommendation for Philadelphian

I'm despondently looking at some near-empty bottles of liquor (Pisco, slightly less common brands of rum, etc) that I haven't seen in liquor stores in Philadelphia. Can someone recommend a store with a good selection of liquor in NJ that's just across the bridge from Philly? I've done some searching online but most of the focus has been on wine or beer. I'm mostly looking to get another bottle of Pisco and possibly get allspice dram.

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  1. Total Wine & More in Cherry Hill has a huge selection of wine, beer and liquor. It's on Route 38 in Cherry Hill, next to the Cherry Hill Mall. It's less than 10 minutes to the BF bridge. Even closer (but without the huge selection), is the original Canals on 38 in Pennsauken. On any given weekend, the parking lots of both stores are full of cars with PA plates.

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      Total Wine was my first thought. I don't know about Pisco, but they certainly have a better variety than the PLCB stores.

    2. Cana's on 38 is just past the 30/70 split. I have bought picso there. They have a pretty good wine selection too.

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        Roger Wilco in Pennsauken. It's right over the Tacony Palmyra Bridge and on any given Sunday the parking lot is packed with cars from PA.

      2. {{sarcasm alert on}}

        You are aware that this is a violation of the Interstate Commerce Law and you are subject to arrest and prosecution. Consider yourself warned!

        {{sarcasm alert off}}

        Can we send you our lists for stuff we can't get here in PA?

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          The trick is to make your purchase and then continue to another destination in Jersey. If you leave their parking lot and head right for the bridge consider yourself a target. ;))

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            Ideally the second destination would be a a gas station--gas is cheaper in Jersey, too.

            1. re: barryg

              And full serve!

              I am still so mad at my sister and her family for moving back to PA. My perfect excuse for cheap booze, and cheap gas that didn't require getting out of the car in the cold or rain.

          2. re: Betharu

            You've got to be kidding. Try parking at Canal's in Pennsauken with Pa. plates and load up on wine then head for the bridge. My cousin got charged (She purchased a large amount). Think George Perrier had some legal problem too years ago.

            1. re: mmgth

              Moore Brothers in Pennsauken. DO NOT head directly for the bridge. Run an errand.

              1. re: mmgth

                I used to work at Roger Wilco when I was in high school and the police absolutely would come around and check out the parking lot for cars with PA tags.

                If you are buying any sizable quantity, definitely run an errand or two. Even better, go back over a different bridge.

                1. re: mmgth

                  OP was asking about liquor, not wine.

                2. re: mmgth

                  Yeah, how do you think the cops get their booze for their Christmas party?

                3. re: Betharu

                  I didn't think it was illegal, you are just expected to pay a "use tax" to PA. When one gets busted for this, what happens?

                  1. re: barryg

                    This info may be dated but here goes. Used to be a PA reveneur had to see you put the spirits in your car and foolow you back to PA for the fine to take effect. Was at thst time 100/bottle and confiscation. At a certain lever they could confiscate the vehicle, usually reserved for commercial with a zillion cases. You could pay the use tax at the bridge at the toll. Very time consuming and pricewise brings you back to PA prices, better selection though . Have not heard of any enforcement for quite a while. Easier in Maryland as at Elkton, there the 'reveneurs' have to notify the shop of their presence. They also have had no enforcement for a while.