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Nov 13, 2010 09:46 AM

Noodle Soup

As the weather gets colder, I start to crave one of my favorite comfort foods--big bowls of noodle soup. Usually of the Asian variety, as it is hard to find meal-sized bowls of soup at other kinds of restaurants. Here are some of my favorite, please add yours so I can explore some new places. Non-Asian places would be great too, and any meal-sized soup with or without noodles is relevant to my interests.

Pho Ha, 4th & Washington - Pho
Pho Hoa, 11th & Washington, Pho, clear seafood soup
Nam Phuong, 11th & Washington, pretty much everything
Heng Seng, S. 7th St btwn Jackson & Wolf - Phnom Penh Noodle Soup (I like to order with rice noodles and "dry")
Kavei, 4th & Oregon, Cambodian sweet & sour soup -- not sure of the real name
Nan Zhou, Race St btwn 9th & 10th, any of the soups, I prefer the shaved noodles
Sang Kee, RTM, Chinatown, other locations, roasted duck and vegetable soup

Please share!

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  1. Nan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodles
    927 Race St.

    Still going strong:

    1. Love Pagoda Noodle House . . . right near the Ritz East theater.

      Noodle House
      2313 US Highway 1 Ste 4, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

      1. My husand raved about a "3 day beef noodle soup" that is a special at Ray's in Chinatown.

        1. This is totally different from the brothy soups that are likely to dominate this thread, but the cold weather always has me craving the soondubu at Jong Ka Jib. Without a doubt, the premier go-to for soondubu in Philadelphia.

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          1. re: ramenbound

            I love soondubu! I have been to Jong Ka Jib, but it's not very convenient to me most of the time. I have family in that area, though, and I always forget about this place--next time I'm nearby, I'm going to hit up, thanks for reminding me.

            I've had soondubu from Miran downtown, it was not great. Anyone one know if the other downtown Korean places do a good job?

            1. re: ramenbound

              Thank you for this place. Did not know it, went tonight and it was a great experience, thanks again

            2. Taiwanese beef noodle soup at Empress Garden in Chinatown