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Nov 13, 2010 08:48 AM

In town for a wedding at Emory University Conference Center

I will be in town next weekend. My husband is from Charleston SC and loves his Southern breakfasts. Is there is spot near Emory that we can get great grits etc.? Also, need a good lunch spot near the Aquarium. Thanks.

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  1. Not that near Emory (15 min.) but the Silver Skillet has a great southern breakfast that features fork tender country ham and red eye gravy (not easy to find around Atlanta), grits,eggs, etc. The red eye gravy is salty mixture of coffee and ham marinade. I get an extra bowl sometimes to spoon over biscuits. Watch the youtube video on the Gallery page. Right off the interstate on 14th street.

    10 min. from Emory on Lavista at Cheshire Bridge Rd. is Original Pancake House which has some great omlets, crepes, dutch baby, french toast. I like their sunny side up eggs w/ thick bacon and buckwheat pancakes substituted for the regular ones. I ask for bacon and basted eggs - not on the menu as basted eggs anymore. Fresh squeezed orange juice. But I do not think they have grits.

    Evan's Fine Foods serves eggs and grits and is 5 minutes away. Of course there's a Waffle House in all directions. Closed Sundays

    Original Pancake House
    2321 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

    Silver Skillet
    200 14th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

    1. Oh heavens, that's a softball. Head over to Emory Village at the Oxford Road / N Decatur intersection and enjoy Rise-n-Dine. Delish!

      1. For something with a nicer atmosphere than Waffle House/Rise n Shine/Silver Skillet, I'd suggest Murphy's for brunch. Great grits, beautiful place, and is nearby. And near the Aquarium, my go-to spot is Spoon, a Thai restaurant. Good food and more unique than the chain restaurants in that area.

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          I was also thinking Murphy's for grits. It is definitely more upscale than other options in the area, but their grits are fantastic. Virginia Highlands is a great area to shop and walk off the meal afterwards.