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Nov 13, 2010 08:30 AM

Chuck's Day Off - what knife?

Anyone that has watched Chuck's Day Off on FN/CC... any idea what knife he uses with the green handle? I know he uses a knife rental company for his knives, but just curious to see if anyone recognizes that particular knife.

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  1. The brand is Sanelli. I have a few at home and they're pretty awesome:

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      1. re: Evilbanana11

        I don't think that's the brand.. Sanelli knives have the orange section on the handle... the one Chuck is using doesn't.

        small picture attached.

      2. Not totally sure but they look like the ones that we rent at work from Nella Cucina, with different handle colours (green,blue, black, red). I think that's it, but is there a Nella in Montreal?

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        1. re: jayseeca

          jayseeca: is it nella cucina branded, or a different brand?

          1. re: jayseeca

            Nella is a cookware/resto supply retailer/wholesaler.

          2. Sanellis , Fibrox, and other resto/industrial knives are often amazingly good value. They have zero cred with many of the knife fanboys because of their look and stamped blades.