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Nov 13, 2010 07:14 AM

Threadgill's Only Better

After reviewing a number of threads it seems a general consensus is that Threadgill's is just ho hum and a little overpriced. Is there a restaurant with a similiar menu but that does it better? I'm coming in from St. Louis with a few people that want to go there but would much prefer food that is better than averaage. Thanks

Threadgill's Restaurant
6416 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78752

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  1. I personally like Hoover's better than Threadgills unless you have vegetarians in your group. Most of Hoover's vegetables are flavored with pork, etc. The menus are similar (both home cooking). Threadgills may have a little more variety, but Hoover's has very good jerk chicken and much better desserts.

    Threadgill's Restaurant
    6416 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78752

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      Not to piggyback too much on the OP, but has anyone had any recent experience with Arkie's grill? With The Stallion? These are the only other local spots of this sort, and I was wondering who has tried them.

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        Arkie's remains the same as it has always been - I go at least once a month and it is delicious, but not what many people might be expecting. Veggies can start their life in a can (or at least be cooked so long they seem canned) but that's how they have always been served at Arkie's. The rolls are fresh and made from scratch, as are the gravies and sauces. The waitstaff is SO friendly and efficent, and the iced tea is some of the best in town. It's one of the few truck-stop style cafes I visit that manages flavor without over-salting their food.
        Business has dropped off lately as their blue collar clientel seems to be cutting back on eating out, but the upside of that is you don't have to wait long for a table even on Chicken and Dumpling Tuesdays or Turkey and dressing Thursdays.

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        I do want to add that the Hoover's on Manor Road tends to be better reviewed than the location on 183.

      3. Hoover's is popular for a similar home-cooking style:

        Moonshine is a little more upscale. Not strictly home cookin', but still in the "comfort food" range:

        1. i agree with the two posts, having been to all three restaurants several times.
          keep in mind that a lot of out of towners gravitate to threadgill's because it has a "name" and history.
          hoover's is delicious but doesn't have a lot of ambiance (and is totally not good for vegetarians, like pappy mentioned).

          also, moonshine has a good and not too expensive all you can eat comfort food laden brunch.
          i've taken visitors there, and we enjoyed waiting on the porch in rocking chairs while sipping drinks out of mason jars.

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            I disagree that Hoover's is not good for vegetarians. I am a vegetarian and I enjoy eating at Hoover's from time to time. It doesn't have the quantity of veggie/side choices that threadgills has, but i think that Hoover's has better quality. I choose the 3 or 4 veggie plate and it is a ton of delicious food. And if the vegetarian is actually a pescatarian, there is always catfish. . . Now a vegan might have a hard time.

          2. This isn't in Austin, but since it fits the bill and I just ate there an hour ago I thought it worth a mention: Monument Cafe in Georgetown. This home cooking is quite good, and twenty minutes from my home in Austin. The make an effort with the quality of the raw ingredients I had stewed squash as a side for my chick fried steak, and it was better than stewed squash should be. I think it was heavy with fresh thyme. One of today's stand out desserts was a mixed-berry fried pie. Outstanding!

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              Yes, I agree about Monument Cafe. They really care about the food and have interesting (in a good way) specials. I've had the squash as a side and it is just delicious. I like to cook and have never been able to make squash like that. It's a trek if you're coming from central or south Austin, though.

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                I'd like to say, if you're willing to travel Dahlia's Cafe in Liberty Hill is homemade perfection. Their chicken fried steak with jalapeno cream gravy and mashed potatoes is perfection. They also have amazing outdoor seating under 100 year old oak trees. Live music Sat and Sunday nights. I'd recommend it above Monument, not that I'm knocking Monument. I just think Dahlia's food is a little better and the atmosphere outside is true Texas. Enjoy your trip!

            2. I'd agree with Moonshine and add Lambert's; however, I caution you to explain to anyone from MO this Lambert's is not part of the 'throwed roll' experience they have up there...