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Nov 13, 2010 06:45 AM

just moved to etobicoke (29th st and lakeshore), any reccomendations?

my wife and i just moved and have noticed a TON of hole in the wall spots as well as higher end looking places. we've been to sloppy joes for wings already {decent}, but thats it so far. can anyone point us in the right direction for other spots to hit up? all price ranges and styles are fair game, we eat everything from goat roti to burgers to foie gras and EVERYTHING in between.

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  1. Welcome to the 'hood petpod. A few of my faves are Kalamata for pretty good Greek, Lakeshore Fish and Chips, Baba Ali for falafel and manakesh. Also good old Burrito Boyz and the empanada place around the corner from them. Oh and Tatsu's bakery down at Kipling for breads and Not just Pies for cookie & treats are all worth checking out.

    Burrito Boyz
    218 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5H1W7, CA

    3473 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8W1N5, CA

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    1. re: terrycar

      sweet, thanks for the input. kalamata, lakeshore fish and chips are high up on my hit list, i'll look into the others too {except buritto boyz, they have never really impressed me}. its good to get a rec. for a bakery since there are a few in the area. have you tried the roti place in the strip mall beside lakeshore fish and chips? what about the burger place across from the tims?

      1. re: petpod

        I tried the roti place -Duckys-a few times but was never impressed. The burger joint uses frozen patties, though they do a decent peameal sandwich. I think for burgers you'd be better off going to Woody's.

        1. re: petpod

          I have not been to Lakeshore Fish and chips in awhile, however I prefer Fifth Street Fish and Chips.......give them a try as well. For Roti......there is Barb's Roti on the north side of Lakeshore Road just over in Mississauga.....a bit past Dixie.....much better than Duckys.

          Barb's Roti Shop
          1181 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5E1G1, CA

      2. Check out this thread:

        I used to spend a lot of time down there, although things have changed a tad.

        Sweet Olenka's. Ice cream, spectacular. Also, literally the best brownie I have ever eaten. Go. Seriously. It's at 5th street or thereabouts, on the north side.
        The Polish deli, I believe it's right at 28th or 29th or some such... is pretty good.
        George's (the Greek) at Long Branch for good greasy burgers and decent Greek food. Great guy.
        Up Browns Line a bit is Organic Big Burger (near Evans) which is worth the (short) trip. Really great burgers and hand-cut fries, which I could have eaten a truckload of.
        In the same area is a big Asian supermarket, which I've never been to, but I keep meaning to check it out every time I return to the neighbourhood...

        Organic Big Burger
        602 Browns Line, Toronto, ON M8W3V5, CA

        1. thanks for all the input so far everyone, we apparently have a ton of places to hit up! the one thing i forgot to mention is that we are bound to the TTC, but it seems as 99.9% of the places are right on lakeshore or very close to it.

          has anyone been to the big asian supermarket up browns line? i'm used to doing my grocery shopping at oriental harvest and kensington, would it be comaprable to any of the spadina places, more like T&T or is it unique?

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          1. re: petpod

            I agree with the recommendations fir Sweet Olenka's (wonderful ice cream! an it's open until 9 every night) and Organic Big Burger on Brown's Line (the best burgers & fries).

            However, I would NOT recommend Top Foods at Alderwood plaza (the Asian supermaket mentioned above). The store is dirty and smelly.

            Organic Big Burger
            602 Browns Line, Toronto, ON M8W3V5, CA

            1. re: petpod

              For Asian foods I have only shopped at Ocean's so not much to compare Top Foods to, however I did not find it to be unique and would not go back as I also felt they did not offer offered a huge variety of things you cjould not get elsewhere.

              1. re: petpod

                It may not be the nicest grocery store, but it's incredibly surprising what you can find there if you spend the time to look. Though you will need to spend the time - even when I brought pictures of the items I wanted, the staff had no idea if they sold the given item. (They did!)

                I go there for any Asian cooking ingredients but randomly will find Italian or French cookies I haven't seen in Toronto.

                Welcome to the area, Petpod. There seem to be a lot of us out here. Maybe we need to start a Mimico/Longbranch Chow-meet-up!

                P.S. I second the recommendation on Siam Princess. The owner is lovely and the options are great. I've enjoyed everything I've eaten there. Though a friend told me they saw the business was for sale?

                1. re: FrenchSoda

                  Yes, don't expect anything from the staff except service with a scowl.

                2. re: petpod

                  I always shop at Top Foods for Asian ingredients. It may look a little lowbrow, but the selection is tough to beat and their prices are great. Also try Grant's market at Bloor & Dixie, although tougher to get to on TTC. Bombay on the Lake is great Indian, especially at lunch.
                  Thanks, all, for the reco about 5th St. Fish & Chips. Your comments are from a few years ago, so hopefully they're still there!

                  1. re: DSuzR

                    Fifth Street Fish and Chips aka New Toronto Fish and Chips is still there and still fabulous. Had it two weeks ago and it is tops in my books.

                3. Artisano on Islington. It's a cafe bakery like Panera bread, but independent, I believe. Quality sandwiches and salads.

                  1. Welcome to the neighbourhood!

                    Near you:
                    Burrito Boyz (3803 Lake Shore Blvd W) - fresh, filling, cheap burritos or quesadillas

                    Woody's Grill (two doors down from Burrito Boyz) - gourmet burgers with incredibly tasty sides like sweet potato fries (be sure to get the chipotle mayo); other memorable offerings include poutine and hearty mac n cheese; LLBO

                    Totally worth the short trek (take the streetcar across Lake Shore):
                    Bombay on the Lake (Lake Shore @ 9th St; on the south side of Lake Shore) - satisfying Indian food; LLBO

                    Fifth Street Fish and Chips (Lake Shore @ 5th St; walk about half a block north on 5th) - a hole in the wall but consistently tasty; my husband craves their halibut and chips at least once a week

                    Lee's Thai Spring Roll (Lake Shore @ 8th St; on the north side of Lake Shore) - great atmosphere and friendly service; menu is hit or miss, but some items are fantastic, like the red curry chicken and the tofu satay; LLBO

                    Sweet Olenka's (Lake Shore @ 2nd; on the north side of Lake Shore) - chocolate, chocolate, amazing chocolate; oh, and ice cream

                    Around the Corner (Lake Shore @ 6th; walk about half a block north on 6th) - a wee bit expensive but super tasty gluten-free breakfast food; banana-chocolate french toast and berry-stuffed french toast are rich and flavourful

                    Totally worth the longer trek (take the 110 bus from the Long Branch loop or marked bus stops along Lake Shore):
                    Artisano (Islington and Titan Rd (several blocks north of Queensway)) - fantastic variety of gourmet sandwiches and salads as well as high-quality pizza, soups, pasta, and pastries; great atmosphere