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Nov 13, 2010 06:29 AM

neptune diner in Astoria

among the best of the diners?? your favorites??

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  1. I've never heard anything special about it. As a friend of mine says, it's better than most diners in the city, but about the same as most in New Jersey. There's some okay/different stuff at Sanford's on Broadway (I like their take on a club sandwich), but in general I think it's called "diner food" for a reason. I'm willing to be corrected by people who have invested more time and appetite in the frighteningly voluminous menus.

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    1. re: Mr Porkchop

      Avoid Neptune Diner, it truly is terrible. Sanford's has it's moments. I've had good meals there and so bad ones. Service is very good, tho.

      Neptune Diner
      31-05 Astoria Blvd, Queens, NY 11102

    2. We ate breakfast at Neptune Diner a few times and it was very good with huge portions.

      Neptune Diner
      31-05 Astoria Blvd, Queens, NY 11102

      1. i ate here once after a few drinks at the nearby biergarden and it was late. the food was plentiful, adequate and didn't leave me ill. if you're looking for well-prepared diner food, this is a decent option. cannot go wrong with deep fried.