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Nov 13, 2010 06:08 AM

Florence - Rome, places of interest for a 1 day self drive?

Hi there, we are planning to drive from Florence to Rome on the 4th June'11.
Any recommendations as to what would be really worth while visiting en-route?,
any suggestions for a good midway stop for something to eat?
any suggestions for the best route to take?

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  1. Hi Hannes
    I recommend you take the A1 autostrada from Florence to Rome. Take a look at for direction of A1. For stops it all depends how much time you have. Option 1: Exit a Val di Chiana - drive toward Sinalunga and visit beautiful Relais Locanda Amorosa for lunch at 'Le Coccole dell'Amorosa' Option 2: If you would like to experience more of the Tuscan Landscapes pass the Locanda take direction toward Pienza a picture perfect hill town with amazing views. June is a great month to visit as there is an abundance of Red Poppies growing over the hill tops. Have lunch at Il Rosselino a small husband and wife run Restaurant. Option 2: You could experience another Region like Umbria. Take exit Orvieto and arrive in one of the most breathtaking hill towns where you will find a number of great places to eat and experience ! Buone Vacanze !

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      Hi There,
      Thank you so much for the wonderful info given, going to be difficult to decide 1) on the route & 2) where to stop for somthing to eat.
      Will definitely consider the eating options, looking great.

    2. Hi Hannes,
      driving in south direction you can make a detour for Siena, another amazing city to visit, or Cortona a small medieval village at the edge with Umbria; i don't know a very good eat stop in Siena (not difficult to find at all), but in Cortona you will find 2 very small gems, Trattoria Dardano & La Loggetta, both in the centre, i prefear the first with his fried porcini! If you want to visit Umbria i'll reccomend a stop at Trasimeno Lake, with an amazing fish restaurant called Sottovento, they are friend of mine.
      You you need more info don't esitate to contact me trough my site, regards.

      The Florentine

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        Hi There,
        Thaqnk you for your info, our route will defenitely go via Sienna, but will probably stop in Cortona, perhaps will try your friend's place, if not then at Trasimeno.

      2. I agree with all the above-mentioned places... Montalcino, if you're a Brunello lover. Siena for its beautiful piazza, Pienza for its charm and formaggio, Orvieto for its fabulous Duomo & white wine.... I could go on and on.

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        1. re: janbo19

          Hi There,
          Just making my choices more difficult, pity, we only got one day to explore and so much to see and experience.
          Thanks for the comments anyway.

          1. re: Hannes

            You should be able to visit Siena, Montalcino, Pienza during your Pentolina stay or on the way from or to. thus between Florence and Rom you could make a straight run down the A1 and a stop at one of the nearby destinations, Orvieto, Cortona, etc. Orvieto is a great stop for a few hours with many restaurant choices and a good place to pick up food souvenirs, oil, mushrooms, chocolate etc in addition to an amazing setting and cathedral..

        2. This topic has been discussed on this board before. I would suggest going to the upper right hand corner of the page and doing searches for both Tuscany and Umbria. You should be able to find a large number of helpful suggestions.