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Nov 13, 2010 05:25 AM

American groceries sighting, Surrey Quays, London

Just a quick heads up - yesterday I noticed that the big Tesco at Surrey Quays now seem to be stocking a few American grocery lines in the aisle with their International/World Foods. Noticed Kraft mac & cheese, Kraft processed cheese (is this like Velveeta?), Dave's Insanity Sauce, a couple of Duncan Hines boxed cake mixes. There may be other stuff, so if you're in the area and have ex-pat cravings, might be worth checking out!

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  1. I think quite a few Tescos must be doing this - my basic Tescos in Leyton had mac n cheese and the cheese on its own (although last visit didn't), cake mixes & frosting they've still got - all in the Caribbean section. They also have Franks Red Hot. The big ASDA in Leyton Mills also has a great hot sauce selection (got chipolte Cholula) as well as non-sweet dill pickles - always been a difficult find in London

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    1. re: themags

      Ooh, do they do chipolte Cholula? Thought is was only Tabsco that did that? I could really go for some non sweet dill pickles - what is the brand name? Will try my local ASDA.

      1. re: cathodetube

        The dill pickles are "Krakus - Cucumbers in Brine - Product of Poland" - husband says they're pretty good (he's the picky pickle eater - if sugar's listed in ingredients then no go). I can't remember whether they were in the kosher section or the Polish/east European section in ASDA. The chipotle Cholula is nice & smokey - bit of heat - don't see it over here that often - imported from Mexico via Texas. The Leyton Mills ASDA has all these at not SkyCo prices - mac 'n' cheese was £1.07 IIRC? Yesterday Leyton Tesco had Kraft "cheddar" but not boxed mac - BTW it's a "cheddar" that doesn't require refrigeration?!

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          True Skyco isn't cheap, but not all of us live close enough to London to schlep home bags of groceries. I really don't miss too many things now. One thing I really do miss, though, is Wondra flour. There's nothing like it here that I can think of. It looks like cornflour, but I don't think it's the same.

    2. Do they stock Hershey's Chocolate Syrup? There was a brief period when this was quite easy to buy at Tescos and Sainsburys, but recently I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

      My nephew will be very excited about the Kraft mac & cheese!

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      1. re: Shivaun

        I've recently ordered a lot of American products from a company called Skyco. I'm sure they have Hershey's syrup. I got Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix, Bisquick, Kraft things, and Heinz hot dog relish (which is available at Panzer's in St. John's Wood) amond other items. Panzer might have the Hershey syrup, too - worth a call.

        1. re: Shivaun

          Hershey's choco syrup is usually in stock at all the dept. store food halls - pricey! - Selfridges/Harrods/Harvey Nicks plus Partridges (Chelsea)/Panzer's (St John's Wood) - also pricey :-)

        2. I (used to) buy American goods at Partridges, but their outrageous prices (applying to both American and local products), and horrible services have put me off. I think my disdain of Partridges has actually abated my cravings for American goods.

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          1. re: brokentelephone

            I agree. I was just mentioning Partridges in case people had a serious hankering and didn't know it was there. I've been here 21 years so the list is quite short for my mother coming at Xmas - Ziplocks/Krazy Janes Mixed-Up Salt/corn husks for tamales & maybe some A1.

            Off topic but has anyone ever A-B'd A1 & HP? Just wondering as I put some HP on a ribeye the other day and it tasted like I remembered but it's been quite a while

            1. re: themags

              Wow -- we replied almost at the same time. When I started writing that entry I hadn't seen your mention of Partridges! INSANITY!

              1. re: brokentelephone

                Have any of you tried or ? I have only over the last couple of years started using these sites due to the UK not long having the food network channel and so access to your great chefs, programs & products. I regularly use these to get things like stove top cornbread stuffing, pam cooking spray, graham cracker crusts, cans of pumpkin, candy & sweets, aunt jemima's syrup & whatever goodies I fancy at the time. I noticed they seem to be cheaper than the other site mentioned & americansweets has a store up north. I also noticed my local asda in bexleyheath, kent were stocking hersheys products last week. Still yet to find fire roasted tomates or san marzano tomatoes but I do get italian sausage seasoning & chipotle in adobo from ebay.