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Nov 13, 2010 04:50 AM

Pizza in Colorado Springs?? Need advice!

Am at a meeting at the Broadmoor - with a car - and would love to go for local pizza tonight (Sat Nov 13). What are your favorites?? We have terrific pizza in San Francisco but am not a snob about it. Prefer thin crust.....

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  1. Edible Front Range had an article on this place earlier this year and I plan to check it out if I'm ever in CO Springs again:
    Maybe some other Chowhounds have been there and can comment.

    Edited to include the Edible Front Range link:

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      Thank you rlm. Perfect link and suggestion. I went and thought it was wonderful. Small and unpretentious, but they take reservations and the food was San Francisco quality without the premium prices. I would recommend it. About a 13 min drive (easy) from the Boadmoor and worth the trip.