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Unique pierogi fillings

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Hi, I want to make pierogis this holiday and started to think about unusual filliings for them.
One I want to try is a kimchi filling. Well, any ideas for unique and tasty fillings?

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    1. Once I did a Shepherd's Pie filling - finely chopped roast beef, potato, peas. I served with a curry gravy on the side for dipping.

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      1. You could make an onion and mushroom filling like the one in Ushki, which are smaller, mushroom-filled dumplings often used in Russian/Ukrainian/Polish soups.

        Here is one such recipe: http://www.inmamaskitchen.com/RECIPES...

        I like the one in Please to the Table. I've used it as a pierogi/vareniki filling before.

        1. LOVE pierogis and make them every year at Xmas too...my Babcia used to make blueberry ones for me when I was little and to this day, it's just not xmas without them. Just mix frozen blueberries with sugar and a bit of lemon. I personally like to use the small blueberries.
          Good Luck!


          1. I have heard of gingerbread pierogis before.. always wanted to try those!

            1. Shredded cabbage sauteed with bacon and caraway, or maybe a knish-like filling of kasha steamed with chicken stock and mixed with chiff. spinach.

              1. Sauerkraut with caraway and dried mushrooms or mashed potatoes with cheddar. The sauerkraut gets rinsed well and sauteed with onion and reconstituted dried mushrooms, then the pierogis are pan fried and topped with sour cream. Mashed potato and cheddar filled pierogis, simply boiled and topped with fried onons and melted butter. Don't so unique, pretty traditonal actually, but very tasty.

                1. I like the kimchi idea - taking a traditional filling (cabbage) and reinventing it. Along those lines you could try a twist on lekvar, by stewing the prunes with chiles. Or perhaps roasted carrots, in lieu of potatoes, with a nutty cheese like an emmanthaler.

                  A different tack would be to explore non-Eastern European ingredients: plantains, mangoes, papayas, etc. I suppose seafood pierogi are pretty uncommon too. Mmmm . . . lobster thermador pierogi anyone???

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                    Another idea. Since Farmer's cheese is a traditional filling why not replace it with Queso Fresco and roasted Hatch chiles (or poblano, or New Mexico)?

                  2. I'm sure you can do a potato filling similar to samoosas so the cumin seed , chili, curry and indian twist.

                    Topped with fried onions and a yogurt/sour cream raita sauce?

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                      Oh god, that sounds FANTASTIC. Two of my favourite foods combined.

                    2. I've always wanted to try making them with a roasted sweet potato/butternut & caramelized onion filling, maybe with some sharp cheese. I could eat PILES of the standard potato and onion/cheese ones.

                      1. For kimchi ones check out Chinese dumpling recipes - the dumpling place near my apartment does kimchi beef filled ones.