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Nov 13, 2010 04:09 AM

an over pan that works like a roasting pot


I am just back from Sicily. In our rental, we found an old piece of cookware which, truly fantastoic for our large family. It was an oven pan, only a bit more solid, but at least 8 inches deep. It also had a flat lid.

This piece made it so easy to make large quantities in a normal-size oven! It is simply more effective if the pot follows the shape of the oven. While most oven pans are 1-2 inches deep, roasting pots (römertopf etc) are often round or oval - this shape dramatically reduces their volume.

Can\t remember the name of the piece - even though I actually asked the landlord - but: Have anyone seen anything like this, or (even better) something I can buy online?

All help will be greatly appreciated!


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