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Nov 13, 2010 02:35 AM

Bern's : What to order?

You told us to stay overnight in Tampa just to have dinner at Bern's.

So, now that we have the reservation please tell me what to order. There will be 4 of us. I'm overwhelmed by trying to figure out the thickness and type of steak! Any suggestions regarding sides, salad dressing, wines, and desserts would be most appreciated.

We're very excited about this dinner. So thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. The Delmonico is my favorite cut at Bern's; it's the most flavorful, imho. The size and thickness are up to you, but I usually try to restrain myself with an 8 oz cut to save room for other dishes, such as the excellent steak tartare, the outstanding lobster bisque (even though onion soup comes with the meal, along with a salad, where I usually go for the garlicky Cleopatra dressing) and, of course, a visit to the dessert room, where I lean chocolate. I usually try to work in some Turkish coffee at the end, partly because it's something you don't find at many restaurants. Be sure to take the tour!

    1. The filet for 2 or more sliced tableside is nice, if a couple of you like it cooked the same. The sauces are extra but worth it. I recommend a side of mac & cheese for all to share, it's a large portion (as it should be for $17!). Upstairs, the macadamia ice cream is excellent, even better on an individual size apple pie.

      1. Order whatever cut you are most fond of, or ask the waitstaff what the kitchen's specialty is, I've had a great chateaubriand there. When my wife and I go, we split an order of caviar (they have some very affordable ones), a soup (usually french onion, their bisque is like drinking butter, which is delish but too filling for me), a steak (chateaubriand or delmonico, cooked pittsburgh), a bottle of wine (see if they still have any of that 60's Charbono?), and dessert upstairs (not to be missed). That way you get to try everything, you're still stuffed to the gills, and you can get out for $75 per person with tip.

        1. Bergerman and Dr. Todd are on target. Don't over-order. You won't need an app. The following come with meal: soup (get the onion) salad (get the Cleopatra dressing), baked potato and several litle vegetables as well as some dynamite onion strings. The steak is closely trimmed, and I would definitely recommend the ribeye (Delmonico) as it has much more flavor than a filet and is just as tender.
          Although I would get the 14 oz. (I am after all, the "Steakman"), you may find a 10 or 12 oz. adequate. By all means ask for the sommelier and he will get a great bottle of wine. Last time I gave him a range of 75-100 for a big red, and lo and behold, he got something in $55 range that was wonderful. Failing that, their wines by the glass are the same price per ounce as a full bottle. You won't find that anywhere else.
          Only thing you won't find there is a bread basket, and you won't miss it. They will even bring out some little cheese toasts for you, gratis.
          For dessert, I would get the King Midas, which is carrot cake with macadamia nut ice cream. If you feel the need, get a glop of hot fudge on it. Plain black American coffee for me, a single malt Glemorangie, and that is it. Finis. Remember there is a tip (?12%) added automatically, but I always bring it up to 20% and remember the sommelier as well. Enjoy.

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          1. re: steakman55

            I'm taking notes. I have read about that macadmia nut ice cream. Can't wait for this dinner.

            1. re: DaisyM

              I will second, third or fourth the Macadamia nut ice cream ;-)

          2. if you're not in the mood for steak by the way, Bern's has three enormous saltwater tanks right in the kitchen, so seafood is a can't miss option, as well. Their pompano en papillote is mindboggling.

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              Not anymore. The tanks are gone. They still serve fish, but they aren't swimming in the kitchen.

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                  Agreed. The critters in the tanks were more a part of the shtick of the kitchen tour than for your entree. We understand the need to economize these days, but I hope we won't have to suffer the sight of Velveeta bricks in the cheese cave.

                  1. re: Veggo

                    the day you see Velveeta in the cheese cave, or Boone's farm in the cellar, you know it's over.