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Nov 13, 2010 01:16 AM

Villiage By the Grange Mall

Not being an OCAD student but living very close, I want to know the ins and outs of this weird and wonderful 80’s food court mall. The mall tends to be in full swing during the day with many restaurants closing very early for dinner. By 7PM half are closed or serving the dregs that I wouldn’t recommend.

1. Manpuku- Nice bowl of Raman soup for the price. Chewy noodles and melt in the mouth beef with their curry sauce. Best eaten with their Japanese Mustard.
2. Wikki Hut- I have only had it once. Basically a food court type stall but in the back and jazzed up to look “classy”. They obviously had a good graphic designer and chose nice colors while making the place look more inviting and sleek. MSG free versions of old stand-bys. Their chicken dishes are very juicy and flavourful. I enjoyed the mango chicken and BBQ chicken. Points lost on their fried rice. They were out of noodles when I went which bothered me.
3. Gallery Sushi- Their take out special is the best value for non-fish sushi in the city. 2 rolls for $5.50 including a tempura shrimp roll thrown into the offer. They don’t like doing substitutions but will for about fifty cents more. So for $6.00 I get 2 avocado and tempura shrimp rolls that rival any other place in the city. Due to language barriers, if you have any kind of special request or order that needs any amount of explaining, it’s best to go there to be able to point to menu items or your food will likely be not as you ordered it. If it’s standard off the menu, no problem.
So what else should I try in the mall if anything?

105 McCaul St, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

Gallery Sushi
275 Dundas W, Toronto, ON M5T3K1, CA

Wikki Hut
275 Dundas W, Toronto, ON M5T3K1, CA

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  1. I like Mission Burrito, although I've only tried their sweet potato/bean version. Really enjoyed it though, and inexpensive.

    Have also enjoyed most things from Karine's, but not so much the garic fries she serves with a lot of her meals. The vegetarian "mixed platter" is my favourite.

    1. I work a couple of blocks away from there, and I usually hit it for lunch every couple of weeks.

      I really like Wikki Hut - despite being a steam table operation, everything tastes fresh and vibrant, with really well-balanced flavours, and not too greasy.

      Mission Burrito is great as well. Both Chipotle and Big Fat Burrito are also within walking distance of my office, but when I'm in the mood for a burrito, I usually go for Mission.

      There are a few other gems in there, but 9 times out of 10, I end up at Mission or Wikki.

      One place in there that I don't care for at all is the Indian place that replaced Island Foods (which I was very sad to see go, but at least my apartment is close to the King St. location). I think it's called Indian Fiesta or something like that. I tried them once soon after they opened, and while it was edible, there was no depth of flavour - I recall one dish being very bland, and the other being quite spicy but with nothing else to back it up.

      1. I sometimes have kalbi with kimchi at the Satay place opposite the Macdonalds - at 6.75 not bad, really.

        1. most of the places in the grange are pretty awful. i avoid eating there at all costs, but have given into manpuku and karines a couple times. i think manpuku does the best food there, but i love how amazing and passionate karine is, and her food is fresh.

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            I guess I'm trying to figure out if most of it is pretty awful to everyone else too. I gotta check out Karine's. I like her enthusiastic decorations (ie pride flag and "cool" music"). My guess to appeal to the diverse OCAD student population. What dishes are especially good? A lot of it looks somewhat lack luster; but perhaps tastes better than it looks????

          2. The original comment has been removed