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Nov 12, 2010 09:52 PM

Venue needed for 50th Wedding Anniversary

My parents' 50th anniversary is next July. I'm looking for a venue that would hold around 100 people in the North Jersey area. (Not further west than Morris, not further south than Middlesex). I looked at the postings for this board and found a lot of places mentioned for weddings.

I can't say that cost is no consideration because it is. My siblings (3) and I would like to keep the cost between $50 and $75/pp.

My parents live closest to the Grand Chalet on Rt. 23, Wayne. I have no experience with that venue. Does anyone else?

Moreover, does anyone have any experience finding a restaurant/banquet location for an anniversary celebration?

Grand Chalet
1377 State Route 23, Wayne, NJ 07470

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  1. Middlesex to Passaic is a pretty large area. Are you looking for a sit down meal, or a buffet? Something along the lines of Italian inspired....or more meat and potatoes. Unfortunately, the July date may limit you the option of any Country Clubs, as they are generally booked on most weekends for weddings.......On the short list, I wold tell you to consider The Manor in West Orange or one of their other properties. I would also caution you on selecting a restaurant based solely on price considerations. While there are many fine restaurants that offer catering.....the difference between a catering facility and a restaurant for parties of your size is, catering facilities are in the business of running parties and being equipped to handle the preparation and production of the menu, as well as having the staff to properly serve your guests. Most restaurants fail miserably in these areas. They can get food out for single tables, but they cannot serve the same quality for large parties. Even with buffet service, a catering facility will have nice serving buffet/chafing dishes, most likely with nice hinged covers......whereas a restaurant may only have cheap wire set-ups without covers. For a milestone event, these are important details for the overall appearance.

    With regards to adult keep your costs down, I would suggest you offer wine only, and not a full open bar. My experience is with older guests, they do not drink very much. You can keep an open tab for any guest that you want to accomodate with stiffer drinks.

    I recently attended two Country Clubs for events and both had excellent reception hours and buffet dinners with carving stations. They were:

    Canoe Brook Country Club in Summit

    Green Brook Country Club in North Cladwell

    1. I've been to the Grand Chalet for a wedding. It was lovely. The food was fabulous. It was about seven years ago, so I hope that you could get a more current reference, but I do remember that it was a delightful evening.

      Grand Chalet
      1377 State Route 23, Wayne, NJ 07470

      1. Don't overlook The Paris Inn in Wayne. It is outstanding. Terrific food and service.

        Paris Inn Restaurant
        1292 Alps Rd, Wayne, NJ 07470

        1. It's a tad west in Morris Cty, but my best friend and his sibs had his parent's 50th at David's Country Inn in Hackettstown, and they really did a wonderful job. In the end there were about 90 people, we had the whole place to ourselves, it was a sit-down dinner (I bet buffet is an option if you want that), and I thought it was a perfect setting, their staff was terrific to work with, and the food was good (for simple catering food). I'm a former event planner so I'm pretty critical of places like this, so trust me--this is a rave! :-)

          We put tons of framed pictures and photo albums out in the ante-rooms, there was plenty of seating during the cocktail hour (again, something I'm sure you could scale down if the cost doesn't meet your budget), and in their case, it was full bar for cocktail hour, then wine with dinner. Don't forget the champagne toast!

          Keep in mind that attendees to one of these tend to skew uh...older. So it doesn't have to be the best meal EVER, unless the guests of honor insist upon it!

          I think it's worth the ride out Rt 80 to see the place and look at package options.

          David's Country Inn
          314 Main St, Hackettstown, NJ 07840

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