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Nov 12, 2010 09:09 PM

Stuffing in a crock pot?

I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. I usually make a few sides including stuffing for Thanksgiving. This year, I've been taksed with only stuffing for a much larger group - about 24 people. I usually make a sausage, conrnbead stuffing, and am thinking about doubling the recipe, cooking as directed, and then putting into a slow cooker for the duration of the football game, and until eaten. Is there anything special I should think about? Should I start the slow cooker a while before I add the stuffing?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If the dressing/stuffing is hot when you put it in the crockpot, it should be OK. If you're going to preheat the crockpot, which is probably a good idea, don't do that empty - put some plain water in the crockpot when you turn it on, then dump the water and wipe the crock out before putting the (still hot or at least warm) stuffing in.

    Do NOT put cold stuffing in a crockpot and try to warm it up. It will take too long to get to a safe holding temperature.

    There are recipes for cooking dressing in a crockpot but I've never tried one and have no idea what they would taste like.


      There's a recipe for crockpot dressing in one of the comments near the bottom of that page, if you're interested.

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        Several years ago (before having double ovens) I actually cooked the stuffing in the slow cooker. It turns out very moist because the steam keeps it from drying out.

      2. I think it would work--I love doing bread pudding in a crockpot. I'd probably put some roasted turkey wings on top so the juices ooze into the stuffing. I would cut the liquids because you don't want a lot of mush; and/or fold a kitchen towel under the lid (will take longer to cook) so it can absorb some of the evaporatiing water--I prefer the latter method because then the flavors stay in the stuffing and concentrate.

        1. My family always cooks the stuffing in a crockpot, as there is no way the amount of stuffing we want could ever fit in a bird! It is assembled just before going in, so it is already warm, and then it gets turned on. We never put a towel under the lid, and it comes out fine for us. If you give it enough time, teh outside edges get crispy, which is a fabulous thing, and it's like getting two side dishes in one. We always put some quartered onions on top, but the suggestion to put the turkey wings on there is an idea I'm going to have to try!