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Nov 12, 2010 08:15 PM

Breaking the rules with Blueberry and Corn Muffins!

A little background first. I have worked in a couple of restaurants where breakfast is served. They all made totally awesome muffins from a pre-packaged mix from a company named Karps. These muffins were Super Moist, Sweet, and EXTREMELY Heavy and Dense! Here is the challenge... All the recipes I can find strive to create a muffin that is Light and Fluffy with a Melt in your Mouth Cake like Crumb...YUK ! I need help to BREAK THE RULES, I need a recipe that produces muffins as first described. A good cup of JOE and one of these Belly Bombs and your good for hours of hard labor! Thanks in advance...JJ

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  1. a while back another Hound was searching for a recipe that would make corn muffins like the ones served in some bakeries & Greek coffee shops around NYC...they're dense and not crumbly, basically like heavy cornbread in muffin form. i tracked down the following recipe for her (scroll down to "Classic Buttermilk Corn Muffins"):

    i haven't made the recipe myself so i can't promise you they'll be exactly what you're looking for, but it should be a good place to start.

    note: despite what the recipe's author says about using finely ground cornmeal for "fluffy" muffins, if these really are anything like the traditional NYC muffins they shouldn't turn out fluffy regardless of the grind! but if you want to err on the side of caution, use a coarser can also change the proportions - increase the cornmeal and reduce the flour - to make them denser.

    hope that helps!

    1. found some blueberry links that might work for you too:
      (the very first recipe in that last link sounds like a good possibility)

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        Well Thank you, Miss Goodhealth, These links should prove useful if not directly, a good place to start playing from. I will try some after my oven gets replaced next week. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday....JJ

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          Not on point of the OP, but reading the reviews for the above All Recipes Blueberry Cream Muffin, I started shaking, in a good way!!! That sounds like one killer muffin!!!! Check it out---several claim it to be top quality.

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            That does sound like a winner. If its not dense enough, I'm going to try substituting Mascarpone or Cream Cheese for 25-50% of the Sour Cream. If that don't put some LEAD in them nothing will...JJ