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Nov 12, 2010 07:41 PM

Denver wedding: Specialty food/drinks for welcome bag?

We are from the west coast but we're doing a wedding in Winter Park and we want to put some nice local(ish) items in the welcome bag for the guests. Packaged things like sodas, candy/chocolate, granola bars -- anything delicious and local (and not crazy expensive). Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. XOXO Chocolate, Larabars, Izze sodas would be my first choices.

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      A few of my faves:
      *Durango Coffee Company:
      *Novo Coffee:
      *Frasca Food and Wine’s red pepper jelly:
      *Robin Chocolates (sold at Marczyk Fine Foods in Denver
      *MMLocal peppers, tomatoes, peaches (I’ve found the peppers at Dish Gourmet in Boulder):
      *EVOO Marketplace:
      *Enstrom’s Toffee:
      *Izze sodas (as RobynS mentioned):
      *Infinite Monkey Theorem wines:
      *A ton of brewers like New Belgium, Oskar Blues, Left Hand, Avery, Wynkoop, Steamworks plus whiskey/spirits producers like Stranahan’s and Leopold Bros (not sure if they have little airplane-sized bottles or not but you might inquire).
      *Besides Marczyk Fine Foods at 17th Ave. and Clarkson, there are other local gourmet grocers where you can find goodies like Tony’s (check out the new location on Broadway) and The Truffle Cheese Shop on E. 6th Ave.

      5280 had a Home Grown article in the 10/08 issue about CO gourmet products and below are a few they listed which still exist and are suitable for a basket/bag. I think it would be fun to include the latest copy of 5280 in the welcome bag since they list local events and restaurants. I always have 5280 and Denver Magazine waiting in our guest room. (Note that 5280’s website seems to be down at the moment.) You might also arrange to include copies of the latest Westword (free local weekly with great dining, music, and event news).

      Truffles from Telluride (the chocolate kind):
      Lucile’s (local restaurant with gift baskets, jams, etc.
      Cookies from Gateaux (beautiful and delicious):
      Nita Crisp crackers:
      Primo Preserves:
      Denver Bread Company:
      Udi’s granola:
      Savory Spice Shop:
      Hammonds Candies:
      Loredana’s (spreads, tapenades):

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        wow, thank you! i'll check all of these out.

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          Can't believe I didn't mention Savory Spice Shop (I was in the Boulder store today) or Novo coffee. Both absolute favorites.

          Savory Spice Shop
          1537 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202

      2. How about bison jerky?

        1. How about Boulder's Best Organics? Super nice, lots of choices, all local fair and, if you're interested, all organic.

          Also, they are also Colorado's Best Organics so you have lots of choices from all over the state.

          1. Seconding the rec for Enstrom's toffee. I'd also go with Chocolove ( favorites are the cherries and almonds in dark chocolate and almonds and sea salt in dark chocolate.

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              ...and, Chocolove makes those smaller bars, too--perfect for a gift bag!