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Nov 12, 2010 06:34 PM

Amalfi Coast- restaurants open first week of April


We will be staying at the Hotel Marincanto the first week of April- going into the second week...when looking for where to stay, some hotels were not open yet for the season and others will just be re-opening.

In regard to restaurants, is it safe to say that it will be the same therefore making our choices slightly limited or do the restaurants operate differently?

Thank you

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  1. I don't where the Hotel Marincanto was located, but when I stayed in Ravello during the first week of April a couple years back, Cumpa Cosima was open for lunch and dinner, and I ate dinner at Da Salvatore, which may also be open for lunch (I just don't know). Both are recommended by Fred Plotkin.

    I also ate lunch and dinner in Atrani -- lunch at da Zaccaria, recommended by Mario Batali (I don't recommend it), but I'm afraid I can't remember the name of the place where I ate dinner (I know it wasn't a Paranza, which I have often seen recommended here on Chowhound.)

    Passing through Amalfi, I did notice that da Gemma was open. (Plotkin recommended.) I had a cocktail at the hotel Le Sirenuse in Positano, and it appeared the restaurant was open as well. I know Fred Plotkin recommends the hotel restaurant.

    That's a long way of saying I think you won't have a lot of trouble finding many recommended restaurants open, but you if you want the most popular choices, you should probably reserve ahead.

    1. Most of the non-hotel restaurants should be open (at least that was our experience in I think 2007 in this area around the same time. Its not high tourist season and the beaches will not attract but thats a good thing, I think. It may mean that some of the HOTEL chefs are not around or are making a minimal effort. Id like to think the essentially empty hotel and dining room was the reason that we had such very poor food at Villa Maria (Ravello) on our visit. Amalfi was bustling with local life and most of the restaurants there and in the villages in the hills above were open, as was A'Paranza. I think you will be fine and will have a less irritating experience. enjoy - its a wonderful area to explore.

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        We were a little farther south in the Cilento (Castelabbate) at the same time, and it's lovely this early; some activity depends on when Easter falls, but it seemed that everything was up and running. It can be damp and chilly, gthough.

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          I too had very poor food at Villa Maria (Ravello) recently. In general, hotel dining in Ravello (apart from the mega-expensive places) is not good. When I am in Ravello and want a break from Cumpa Cosimo, I take the bus down to Amalfi, where there are more good choices. Also, I buy fruit, veg, mozzarella and local white wine and feast that way.

        2. Will you rent a car or do you plan to use local transport?


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            Thank you for your responses everyone. We will be taking local transport.