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Nov 12, 2010 03:20 PM

CSA 2011 Share for one person?


I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a CSA subscription. This would be my first time and I'm looking for a CSA pick-up in Somerville, Medford or Cambridge. However I can't convince any of my roomies to split it with me so I would like a suggestion for a CSA that wouldn't be too much for one person. I'm not a vegetarian but I only eat meat once a week, if that. I was looking at Red Fire Farm because I like that they're organic and have an egg share option (as opposed to Farmer Dave's which is IPM) but they don't offer half shares! Do people think that Red Fire Farm share would be too much for one person?


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  1. Consider splitting your share with a friend - even though he or she is not one of your roomies. As a one-person household, I do that for my meat CSA share and I did it when I was doing Cape Ann Fresh Catch. I have never seen any CSA share that was small enough for one. But with a share partner you can probably find just the right sized share. Also, an advantage of partnering up is if you dont like something perhaps your share partner does, and vice versa. In that way, splitting a share with a friend can be even better than having one just for yourself.

    Fresh Catch
    473 E Washington St North, Attleboro, MA

    1. Check out Luna Farm. They have a Cambridge/Somerville pickup (though I'm not sure where since I pick up in North Reading). Lydia doesn't do half shares either, but she is willing to partner you with someone else who is also looking to split. I did that last year and it was well worth it. That being said, even the half share was too much some weeks for both my husband and I, but we eat out for lunch at work. I'm guessing that if you pack food for lunch it would be less of a problem.

      1. There's a CSA fair Feb 3rd (; I learned about it through the Harvest Coop in Central Square - several of them have drop-offs there, and a couple offer half-shares. Heaven's Harvest has a one person share. Personally I'm leaning towards a half share from Stone Soup farm! I just moved to the area myself, though, so can't speak from experience on any of the sizes.

        Martha's Stone Soup - CLOSED
        517 Old Sandwich Rd, Plymouth, MA 02360

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          And there is another one in Arlington later in the month:

        2. Does Parker Farm still have the small/half share option? I did that for one season and it worked out fine. Or hey, one year I found a share-splitting buddy right here on this board.

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            They have the half share. I did it last year and it was just a little too much for a single dedicated meat eater, so it should be perfect for someone who almost never eats meat. Plus Farmer Steve is awesome, and the variety was very good. It's mainly vegetables, but there were some delicious yellow melons, and he traded for strawberries with a local farmer early in the season when his crops were still mainly greens.

          2. Enterprise Farm does a half-share and we've been very satisfied with the quality and variety of ours. The produce is almost all organic (some IPM type stuff from partner farms occasionally). That said, even the half-share might be pushing it for one person, but if you eat a lot of vegetables (and occasionally have a guest for dinner or something) I think it'd be OK.