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Quinta Bistro in Flemington

Just saw an ad for the new Quinta Bistro in the Marshalls strip mall in Flemington (across from the Japanese Hibachi place and Blockbuster). They claim to have Western European cuisine and are open for lunch and dinner. Ad says phone number is 908 782 2488. Has anyone heard about this? I am so excited at the prospect of a NON-chain restaurant opening in this town. I will definitely go and report back. If anyone has any more info, please let us know!

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  1. Stopped in to Quinta Bistro tonight, though I didn't eat. It appears to be Spanish-esque which is certainly something we don't have in Flemington. I took a look at the menu. For lunch they have a $10 fixed price menu. The dinner menu, as I mentioned, had a definite Spanish influence. Lots of shellfish, chorizo, and rice dishes. The prices seemed a little high for the strip mall location, and for Flemington, though without having tasted anything, I'm not sure that's exactly a fair judgement.
    The space was open and attractive. The hostess was very friendly. At 6:30, sadly, they were completely empty. According to the hostess, they just opened on Friday, so maybe the word hasn't gotten out yet.
    Hopefully someone tries it out soon and reports back. Am curious to hear how this pans out. I do wish them the best.

    1. Madgreek99, thanks for the heads up about this place. I figured from your comments that Quinta Bistro must be in the space previously occupied by J&S Restaurant. I drove by this morning and that's exactly where it is.

      I had a look at the menu in the window and thought the prices were pretty fair. Appetizers seem expensive for what you get but there are a lot of main courses for under $20. We will definitely try this new place in the near future.

      Funny, but I've never thought that Flemington had a lot of chain restaurants. I guess it has its fair share but there are plenty of non-chain places to choose from. Some time ago, someone posted a list of good restaurants in and near Flemington. It was a very long list.

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        Had lunch today at Quinta Bistro, skeptical as I was, ready for run of the mill, shitty food, I was blown away, had the mesclun salad, with the best vinegarette I have tasted in a restaurant, they also offered a butternut squash soup with ginger, so fresh and tasty, followed with the mussells, perfect in there garlicy tomato sauce, the chicken, choriza paella was tender, smokey, fresh and the rice was cooked perfect also came in its own spanish pot. Then I found out the chef was from Church Street Bistro in Lambertvile. had a bottle of Vampire, so skipped the coffee. the bill for 2 $21.00.

        Church Street Cafe
        29 Church St, Paterson, NJ 07505

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          I'm definitely going to have to try this place now. Thanks for posting!

      2. Haven't seen the menu, but I know the chef is David Kiser. He is a local guy that just moved back to the area.

        1. Does anyone know if it is BYOB?

            1. Tried this place for dinner last week. For starters we shared the "Sexy Olive Mix" (a steal at $2.95), and a spinach salad with goat cheese fritters, figs, and serano ham. The salad was excellent.

              For entrees I had the mariscada, a blend of seafood in a green sauce served with saffron rice, and a side of veggies. It was very good! Much better than that awful Spanish place on 202 near Bridgewater. My husband had a baked cod in olives, which was also good, but my entree was better.

              The only downside was the service. While the servers seemed well-intentioned, they did not seem very familiar with the menu, I had to point to the dish I wanted. Also, they didn't seem to have a very good system for how to handle the tables worked out. For example, our server asked if we were interested in dessert but we were not and asked for the check. A few minutes later another server brought a dessert menu. Hopefully these kinks will be worked out in time.

              The prix fixe lunch at $10 includes soup or salad and an entree - this would be a good option for trying Quinta Bistro before spending >$50 for dinner.

              It is nice to have another option in the area though, so I hope this place does well.

              1. Definitely put it on your to try list. Had a very good meal last week. Everything ranked above average. App: Crispy Calamari with cornmeal picante and smoked paprika & Almond. A nice change to deep fried heavy servings. $9-. Autumn Caprese. with reduced balsamic vinegar. Very nice! $7-. Entrée: Chicken Madeira. Above average for $17-.

                I agree with ESJRO. Service was not there yet. This goes for the Hostess, waiter and server! Seemed inexperienced and a bit nervous. The food product is very good. A friendly comment to the owner/chef can go a long way. The owner has a lot invested in a restaurant and needs and appreciates constructive criticism on things that may be hurting them without the owner realizing it.

                Confirming, it is a BYOB

                1. My SO and I had dinner last night. We both enjoyed the food and while the service was well-meaning, it still needs some work. He had the Caesar salad - it was served with two anchovy filets on top and a lot of cheese. He enjoyed, though it wasn't anything special. I had the soup special. It was described as eggplant, zucchini, garlic and pepper soup. The menu said the preparation was creamless. It was a smooth soup and tasted only of eggplant. I didn't taste garlic or pepper at all, though I'm not sure if it was supposed to be pepper the vegetable or pepper the spice. It was decent, though.

                  For our main courses, we had the seafood paella and the paella valenciana which has on-the-bone chicken instead of seafood. The paellas were served in small dutch oven type pots. They were both quite good and the serving size was more than enough.

                  Neither of us had room for dessert.

                  I think we'd visit again. It was pretty empty for 7:30 on a Friday, which might explain why servers were constantly stopping at our table to ask how everything was. They seemed anxious to please. I hope the restaurant does well.

                  1. Had lunch here with my mom and teen daughter this week. Both Mom and I had the flatbread special - very tasty. Mom had salad, we had carrot/ginger soup - both were very good. The bread they brought to the table was outstanding. My daughter didn't care for her grilled chicken, it was a bit overcooked, but I think she was being a pain because she thought we were going to have tacos and was bummed they didn't have them.
                    Nice service, I thought they were friendly and helpful. I wish I had tried the mussels/linguini as it went by and smelled outstanding - same for the paella!! We'll go back, the $10 lunch was a great deal.

                    1. I finally made it to Quinta Bistro today for their fixed price lunch. In my opinion, it was a very good value. I had the green salad and the linguine with mussels. The salad was nice and fresh. The dressing was tasty, though it was slightly underdressed for my taste. The pasta was pretty good. The broth was lacking in seafood flavor, but the mussels were still fresh and the pasta was cooked well. My dining companions got the garlic shrimp and the grilled chicken. The shrimp was very good. It was a small portion, but perfect for lunch. It was very tasty and came with a small serving of saffron rice and nicely cooked haricot verts. The grilled chicken was seasoned well but definitely over cooked. It came with french fries which were overly brown and limp.
                      I thought the service was actually quite wonderful. They were attentive, but not overbearing. I dropped my fork and before i could even turn around, someone placed a new one on the table. I was there at 12:30 and there was a sizable crowd.
                      This place used to be a diner and unfortunately, the decor is still a little too "diner-esque". I'll give them a pass on that, because the food, the price, and the service were pretty much on target. I will definitely be back.

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                        I also just went to this place a week or two back, and had the $10 lunch, linguini and mussels. It was pretty good, the mussels were tasty. My friend had grilled chicken, and she liked it. I did have a few of her french fries, and I really liked them.

                        The place was not packed but it had a decent crowd. The service was good. Anyhow, the only downside to the experience for me was the faint odor of cleaning products in the place.

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                          It's funny you mentioned the chemical odor. I noticed that too when I came in, but I forgot to mention it.

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                            Nice review today in the Trenton Times.

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                              Here's the review for those who are interested. I think it's a shame that the owners of Quinta Bistro didn't spend more time and money to upgrade the interior of this former diner. Sorry, but you need more than linen napkins to add a touch of elegance! Terrific food, very disappointing space.


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                                I have to admit, I think I haven't gone yet because I'm kind of turned off by the space. I never liked it when it was a diner either. Just something off about it and I found it a cold and unappetizing environment.

                      2. How does this place expect to stay in business? Went for dinner at 7PM on Sat. Feb. 19th and they were closed. They are also closed on Sunday's. You would think that is when they get most of their customers being that there are people coming into the area to shop at tghe outlets nearby.

                        1. Had lunch here to day for the first time. The service was excellent, but unfortunately we weren't thrilled with the food. It was OK. Everything tasted very underseasoned to both me and my dining companion. I had split pea soup and shrimp in garlic. The soup was OK, but kind of bland. The shrimp were also rather flavorless. and while the sauce was tasty, it also tasted underseasoned.

                          And, as other posters here have noted previously, there is a distinct odor of cleaning fluids when you walk in and I really hate that.

                          1. I've been to this place about 3 times. the food was pretty good but the prices were a little high for their strip mall location. Everytime I've been here I've seen the manager/owner screaming at his employees. The last time he was yelling at our waiter & i dont really know why. We were the only table in there and she was a great waitress. Now i understand why the help wanted sign is always in the window & why all the servers are so nervous. I couldn't believe how rude he was talking to this girl, she looked like she was about to cry. Anyway though, the foods not bad. But if i were you I would NEVER apply to this place.

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                              We ate there recently. The food was very good, especially the chicken paella (the portion was very large) and the risotto with gorgonzola and baby spinach. The steak was good as well although somewhat bland.
                              Service was excellent. However, IMO, the prices are high for this economy, although I can understand how they are necessary to turn a profit.
                              That said, we enjoyed it quite a bit, but not enough to return on a frequent basis at it's current price point.

                            2. Our visit to Quinta Bistro in Flemington, was less than favorable. Upon our arrival, the restaurant was empty. Nonetheless, we remained ungreeted for several minutes. When we were finally seated, we had several questions for the maitre d' about a few dishes. He seemed irritated and frustrated at our questions. We made our selections, of Chicken Madeira, Paella Valenciana.
                              Both were wonderful, althought the Valenciana was missing several components (pork butt, shrimp). Our calalmari with remoulade sause was also lovely. The empty dining room,and arrogant service by whom we beleive to be the owner left a bad taste in our mouth, that unfortunately overtook the wonderful food. Thumbs down.

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                                My husband and I finally got around to trying this place last Friday night. We'd been eyeing it for months but were hesitant based on how empty it always appears to be. But after reading the reviews here about the food, we thought we'd give it a go. While most other restaurants are hard to get into at the hour we went, Quinta only had two other couples dining. It was eerily quiet in there. The decor is OK but is reminiscent of the diner it once was as someone mentioned earlier. The food was decent but nothing to rave about. Combine that with the lack of atmosphere/liveliness it is likely that we will not return again. Too bad--we live close by and are always looking for a good new restaurant to try in Hunterdon County.

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                                  Yes, the writing was in very large letters on a very large wall.

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                                    LOL - I haven't even seen that yet. Friends of mine mentioned last night that it had closed. While i'm sorry to see any business close down in Flemington, I can't say I'm very surprised.