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Nov 12, 2010 02:49 PM

Quinta Bistro in Flemington

Just saw an ad for the new Quinta Bistro in the Marshalls strip mall in Flemington (across from the Japanese Hibachi place and Blockbuster). They claim to have Western European cuisine and are open for lunch and dinner. Ad says phone number is 908 782 2488. Has anyone heard about this? I am so excited at the prospect of a NON-chain restaurant opening in this town. I will definitely go and report back. If anyone has any more info, please let us know!

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  1. Stopped in to Quinta Bistro tonight, though I didn't eat. It appears to be Spanish-esque which is certainly something we don't have in Flemington. I took a look at the menu. For lunch they have a $10 fixed price menu. The dinner menu, as I mentioned, had a definite Spanish influence. Lots of shellfish, chorizo, and rice dishes. The prices seemed a little high for the strip mall location, and for Flemington, though without having tasted anything, I'm not sure that's exactly a fair judgement.
    The space was open and attractive. The hostess was very friendly. At 6:30, sadly, they were completely empty. According to the hostess, they just opened on Friday, so maybe the word hasn't gotten out yet.
    Hopefully someone tries it out soon and reports back. Am curious to hear how this pans out. I do wish them the best.

    1. Madgreek99, thanks for the heads up about this place. I figured from your comments that Quinta Bistro must be in the space previously occupied by J&S Restaurant. I drove by this morning and that's exactly where it is.

      I had a look at the menu in the window and thought the prices were pretty fair. Appetizers seem expensive for what you get but there are a lot of main courses for under $20. We will definitely try this new place in the near future.

      Funny, but I've never thought that Flemington had a lot of chain restaurants. I guess it has its fair share but there are plenty of non-chain places to choose from. Some time ago, someone posted a list of good restaurants in and near Flemington. It was a very long list.

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        Had lunch today at Quinta Bistro, skeptical as I was, ready for run of the mill, shitty food, I was blown away, had the mesclun salad, with the best vinegarette I have tasted in a restaurant, they also offered a butternut squash soup with ginger, so fresh and tasty, followed with the mussells, perfect in there garlicy tomato sauce, the chicken, choriza paella was tender, smokey, fresh and the rice was cooked perfect also came in its own spanish pot. Then I found out the chef was from Church Street Bistro in Lambertvile. had a bottle of Vampire, so skipped the coffee. the bill for 2 $21.00.

        Church Street Cafe
        29 Church St, Paterson, NJ 07505

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          I'm definitely going to have to try this place now. Thanks for posting!

      2. Haven't seen the menu, but I know the chef is David Kiser. He is a local guy that just moved back to the area.

        1. Does anyone know if it is BYOB?