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Queens Lox Alert

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Smoked Fish Fans Unite! The retail part of Rego Smoked Fish may be in jeopardy. I would urge anyone interested in high-quality, hand-sliced lox (etc.) to show their economic support (soon).

I have found their nova-style lox to have a good smoke/salt balance. The baked salmon is the best that I've had - even my non-lox-eating wife asks for it. The sable is also excellent. In addition, they have smoked white fish and trout as well as herring.

Rego Smoked Fish
69-80 75th Street
Middle Village, NY

(718) 551-1562

Rego Smoked Fish
69-80 75th St, Queens, NY 11379

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  1. Why do you think they are jeopardy?

    1. What can we do?