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Nov 12, 2010 02:04 PM

looking for turkey giblets

I found a recipe to make gravy (I'm getting ready for Christmas already!) that calls for a turkey broth which you make using the contents of the giblet bag (heart, gizzard, neck). (it says not to use the liver). Is it possible to purchase this in a package (probably frozen) without buying the turkey yet? I wanted to make the broth ahead of time (says you can make it up to 1 month ahead). I checked Safeway and they only had a package of frozen chicken gizzards. There were a lot of gizzards in the pack, so I was wondering how much to use, (if I can't find anything else) if the original turkey recipe called for one of each of heart, neck, gizzard and tail.

Thank you.

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  1. You really can't use too many gizzards so I would err on the side of more rather than less. Maybe 2 cups? If you have to use chicken why not buy a utility grade chicken and use the whole bird?

    I make my own turkey broth and freeze it every time I make a turkey but I use the carcass. It's best if you add carrots, onion and celery as well. Another way is to make a double broth by using chicken broth instead of water with the turkey parts and veg.

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      I'm with sharonanne, use an entire bird AND the giblets (and the neck). You will get a much nicer broth than you would get from just giblets. This will give you more than you will need for Xmas so you wil have more left over for soup or other recipes that call for a broth.

    2. Co-op has packs of gizzard and heart mixed, haven't seen necks but I am sure any chicken part with a bone would work . I also think that more parts equals more flavour. Use at least 5 of each, hearts and gizzards.