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Nov 12, 2010 01:59 PM

How do you purchase your knives?

I just posted a "does anyone have a source for" question on my local-area board, but would love some feedback from here too.

As I explained in my other post, I've had a "set" of Sabatier knives that I bought about 15 years ago and while they're 'okay I guess', after reading Anthony Bourdain's book I want to investigate a more serious chef's knife. But I would absolutely need to see how any knife feels in the hand; I had a set of Henckels that I bought in the 1970s that I gave to a friend after seeing how much more comfortable the Sabatiers felt. It was like night and day....!

One store in my area used to have a decent knife section (that's where I bought my Sabatiers, back in the day; they carried Scanpan too, and boy do I miss the Scanpan Steel line!) but they went out of business a couple of years ago. So apparantly the only brick-and-mortar choices now are places like Macys and Bed Bath & Beyond neither of which carry anything better than what I already have (if even as good). I'm particularly interested in the Global after reading that it's lighter than the typical chef's knife; I always gravitate toward my Sabatier 6" utility knife because it's lighter, so maybe the Global 8" one would work well for me.

I know that I absolutely positively have to compare knives in hand in order to choose. I also do that for cookware, and have passed up more pans than I can count simply because I didn't like the way the handle felt; I hate a flat or concave handle which eliminates a lot of pans as you can imagine, LOL!

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  1. In responsing to your title: I buy my knives with money and sometime I buy them in person, but often via mail. I bought a lot of knives and knife related goods from:

        1. I know BBB carries Global, and I think Macy's does, too.

          1. I like the selection on Lots of choice, even old forging nogents, which, if you like "light and nimble" will really strike a chord.