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Nov 12, 2010 12:59 PM


I made a brief stopover in the Vacaville Winco a couple weekends back and I noticed in the bakery section containers of Armenian Nazook.

I was intrigued - upon further research, the version there doesn't look quite as appetizing as some of the recipes I've seen online for it (and maybe I'll just try to bake up a batch myself), but does anyone know of any fresh-baked versions around the Bay Area?

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  1. Where do you get your khoris filling and what the heck is it?
    Nazook–Traditional, mildly sweet, Armenian pastry made with "Khoris" filling.
    Can you believe this?

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      Wow! Had no clue on the Costco version. And no, I don't have any clue about khoris - I was just kinda' passing through the store there and thought that was something of an unusual item to have in a supermarket bakery.

      The tub of Nazook I saw at Winco I think was produced by the Paradise Bakery or something like that

      All the recipes I've found online seem to be two-day affairs - I just might have to buy a tub from Winco or Costco and bring it into work so I don't feel like hoarding it if it turns out to be something I really like (and then maybe trying one of the various recipes)