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Nov 12, 2010 12:14 PM

Vegetarian tasting menu in Montreal?

Visiting through Monday afternoon on a last minute anniversary trip and want a special meal. Price isn't really a factor--though getting a reservation might be I suppose. We really enjoy the tasting menu format. Haven't been able to find this after quite a bit of searching.

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  1. If price really isn't a factor, then I would recommend XO ( ). They have a vegetarian tasting menu somewhere in the range of $90/person before tax and tip (or at least they did when I was there last in the spring, you may want to confirm that they still do when you make your reservation). XO would definitely qualify as a special meal: one of the best restaurants in Montreal both in terms of food, service, and atmosphere in my opinion. I have never tried the vegetarian tasting menu, though.

    1. Considerably less shwank than the other rec, but always good is Chu Chai, and they have an interesting tasting menu.

      Chu Chai
      4088 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M5, CA

      1. One of the better vegan restaurants in town is Crudessence ( - two locations: downtown and rue Rachel. Good food, but not fancy - though 100% vegan!

        Piment Rouge in the old Windsor hotel downtown is high-end Chinese with a seasonal tasting menu that has lots of vegetarian options. They are upscale and fancy, but most of their tasting plates are priced between $8 and $20, so you can order a la carte according to your budget. They just finished a massive renovation and their new chefs are producing some excellent food. Seasonal vegan/vegetarian items I've tried recently that I would recommend: Chinese pumpkin soup with roasted walnuts, Eggplant with yushang sauce (interesting presentation - stir fried and stuffed back in it's own skin), Tofu pouches with minced vegetables in Sa Chia sauce, and the Shanghai vegetarian rice cooked in a small clay pot. This would be a nice place for an anniversary. Their tasting menu is on their website ( as is a copy of a recent review by food critic Phillippe Molle of Le Devoir that says Piment Rouge sets high standards for other downtown Montreal restaurants to follow and named them the best Chinese restaurant in Montreal.