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Nov 12, 2010 12:09 PM

Best romantic bar?

OK, not exactly food. But what would you recommend as a quiet, romantic bar in Tokyo?

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  1. These-Nishi Azabu
    Bar Rage - Minami Aoyama
    Legato- Shibuya
    Conrad Hotel- Shiodome
    Cerulean Hotel- Shibuya
    Park Hyatt- Shinjuku

    1. Den Aquaroom Aoyama has giant fishtanks and great cocktails.
      Aquavit Bar (Gaienmae) at the front of the restaurant is pretty nice and underutilized.

      1. Great suggestions so far.
        One more:
        Le CoCon (Shibuya) has cocoon-like booths for those seeking privacy.

        1. If you want to impress a Japanese girl I would recommend the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt. Very early, or very late as they have quite annoying live music in between.

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          1. re: Scharn

            Do they have a cover charge?

            ETA--I checked their website, and they do have a Y2000+ cover charge from 8pm.

            1. re: prasantrin

              yes, it's a strange system: as soon as the (loud/noisy) "live music" ruins everything it also gets more expensive.

              other than that i think they dont charge that everyday. i remember being there late and not paying this charge.

              in the end, i think it's such an awesome location that 2000Y charge is fine, also if the OP wants to impress somebody than that might be 4000Y well invested ;-)

          2. I'd say Radio bar and Kita Aoyama Salon set a pretty romantic mood. Didn't Le Cocon close about 8 years ago, or am I thinking of a different place?