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Nov 12, 2010 11:16 AM

Cast Iron Grill Accessories: best gloves & cleaning equipment

I'd like to get a friend some gloves and tools to go along with his new cast iron hibachi - he's always wishing for gloves so he can just pick up the grate to flip it instead of using tongs. And I think he really needs something to... scrape the sticky bits with. Any suggestions?

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  1. Try this place for gloves. http://www.texasbbqrub.com/tools.htm Bear in mind that gloves can be nice for lifting/turning big slabs and chunks, but realistically on a Hibachi, they're going to be more of a messy inconvenience (Put 'em on, foul your doorknob and faucets, wash, take 'em off, return to your burned BBQ, put 'em back on, etc., etc.)

    As for scraping, if you're talking about a grille grate, you should stick with a SS wire brush. I use cheap (Dollar Store) ones, but you can get poly-handled ones you can run through the dishwasher.

    The best BBQ tool I ever received (Thank you, Honey!) was a meathook-type turner kinda like the one here http://www.lawnrangerbbq.com/products..., except made by a blacksmith of heavier iron. Good ones come right- or left-handed. They're also called pigtails.

    1. A good pair of leather fireplace gloves will do the trick. I use mine for tasks like that and playing with unwieldy pieces of cast iron being seasoned in the oven. The gauntlet style is what I use, extra protection should something go amiss.