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Nov 12, 2010 10:59 AM

Is there any good place in Hamilton ON for a business lunch?

I find it very difficult to find a decent place to conduct a business lunch in downtown Hamilton ON.

Does anyone know of any good choices?
My list is nothing out of the ordinary.
Easy parking
No loud music
Not a place that is suited for senior citizens (food and ambiance)
Has enough privacy that a conversation will not be overheard by others
Reasonably priced
Doesn't smell like a stale beer
Selection of light food and selection of gluten free options
No obnoxious waitresses
Is this too much to ask?

After arranging business lunches in Burlington, Oakville, Toronto, and Montreal I find it very frustrating to even expect the same calibre in Hamilton.

I was recommend Koosh 5 weeks ago... horrible! The waitress's voice was loud and she was extremely unprofessional. Food was nonsense- pasta over creamed mushy, mess.
Not good if your trying to look good infront of a future business client.

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  1. I'll give you Toronto and Montreal, but I'm sure Hamilton can take the Pepsi challenge with Halton and do just fine. Too bad about your koosh meal - I had a great experience at Koosh. I took a friend who is a nutrition expert and pretty fussy - he loved it as well. The waitress was very young and slighly inexperienced, but very sympatico and professional. I would suggest Claudio's Ristorante for real professional waiters and excellent Italian food. Ridiculous amounts of parking nearby - even some free spots behind if you tell them you're coming.

    1. It's not exactly downtown but 1010 Bistro in Westdale is good.

      1010 Bistro
      1010 King St W, Hamilton, ON L8S1L4, CA

      1. The Sirloin Cellar is a favourite spot for many business lunches, however may be a little "old school" for your liking.
        Seven Windows on Aberdeen at Dundurn might be an idea for you.
        Acclamation on James North is an option and focuses on a tapas style menu with Portuguese and French flair.
        Quatrefoil in Dundas is a nice, quiet option...

        Sirloin Cellar
        14 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R, CA

        Seven Windows
        432 Aberdeen Ave, Hamilton, ON L8P2S2, CA

        1. What about LaPiazza Allegra on James St. S.? It is bright and comfortable with a nice wine selection. They offer a number of gluten-free pastas, a few unique salads (the poached pear is delicious) and panini as well. I believe everything is under $15.

          I have never been disappointed.

          1. Thanks all! First chance I've had to log-on - all great suggestions I haven't been to the Sirloin Cellar in ages that's next on my list. BTW, have you tried Chuck Burger bar on Locke? Not a place for business, but wow is it great!