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Favorite websites for purchasing cookware

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Besides Amazon, Ebay, and retailers like Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table, what are some of your favorite websites to purchase new pots, pans, and other kitchen accessories? I am constantly searching for the best prices, free shipping, and am curious who has the better deals.

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  1. I have randomly scored good deals on LC and Mauviel at random sites but, Amazon and Ebay are generally where I go.

    1. woot.com has excellent prices... when they have something. often refurb/discontinued.

        1. Even though free shipping doesn't kick in until $100, and I have to pay tax, I love Fantes. It's a real cooking store at the Italian Market in Philadelphia. They basically have everything you could want. http://fantes.com

          They've been in business since 1906. http://fantes.com/history.html

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            I shop on-line at Fantes. As JayF says - they have everything a cook could possibly want. Other than Amazon and occasionaly at Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma, I have had good luck with Chef's Resource:

          2. This is a good resource: http://shopopensky.com/ruhlman#0 There are lots of different vendors, but if you want solid recommendations, check out http://ruhlman.com/shop for a good list of products with explanations of why he likes them.

            1. http://www.cookwarenmore.com/

              Excellent for All Clad irregulars. I have never found any scratches on them actually... basically perfect.

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                I've bought stuff at cookwarenmore.com, too. They have regular sales on top of their already discounted merchandise. And most times (not today, I checked), if you buy four pieces, you get an extra 20 or 25 percent off.

              2. I used to shop at several "chef's" websites but I do most of my online shopping here:
                When they have sales, they are terrific, but almost everything is discounted. It's just that their sales cut deep into msr prices.

                1. I have used many sites.

                  MetroKitchen: does well with All-Clad sets. They have exclusive sets with better pan options (much like Crate&Barrel but cheaper).

                  MadCowCutlery: Good for inexpensive restaurant-service knives.

                  CookwareAndMore: Good if you own All-Clad and are looking to fill in a pan or two and don't mind buying irregulars and waiting for sale time.

                  CHEFS and Chef Tools: Good for the odd piece here and there. I just ordered from CHEFS yesterday.

                  ChefKnivesToGo: Simply the best for knives. Other sites for knives are JapanWoodworker, Japanese Chef Knives, Korin, and Japanese Knife Imports. There are others for Japanese knives, but these are some that I like.

                  CutleryAndMore: Good for individual pans, cookware sets, and some knives. I have ordered Forschner basic sets from them for a very good price.

                  Dean Supply: I recently used them for restaurant service kit and was very happy. There was no minimum order required and shipping was reasonable and prices were competitive.

                  Fantes: I have only used them once, but when you need that odd item that you can't find anywhere else, look at Fantes.

                  Crate&Barrel: Even though this is a bigger store, it has really good prices on the gadgety stuff over W-S and Sur la Table.

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                    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention CHEFS and Chef Tools. Crate and Barrel is also very good: good selection and can offer excellent bargins from time to time.