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Nov 12, 2010 10:51 AM

Natural By Nature milk in Boston area?

I am searching for milk by Natural By Nature (organic, 100% grass-fed) in the Boston area and have been unable to find it. I have seen it in NYC-area supermarkets and would be very interested in knowing if any stores around here sell it. I would be completely satisfied if I could find ANY organic, grass-fed milk in this area but my searches have come up empty, so if anyone knows of any brands or local farms that specialize in this, I would be grateful for that information.

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  1. Shaw Farm in Dracut sells their organic milk under the New England Dairy brand. It's not too hard to find. You might contact them to find out what the cows eat.

    1. There is a new service bringing Vermont farm products to Boston- Farmers to You.

      The do offer milk from Stratfford Organic Dairy, a farm that says, "Our herd of 50 mostly-Guernsey cows grazes on rotational pastures for the entire growing season."

      This is a new type of service and it has a weekly minimum but it might work.


      1. Actually, it's really not possible to have 100% grass-fed dairy cows, which even their website admits. They need some grain to provide enough protein for the cows to give milk.

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          Actually, it is possible. There are plenty of farms that only feed grass/hay to their herds. They do produce less milk, but grain is not necessary for milk production.

        2. We've done a taste test (in our house, blind, after having drunk mostly Shaw's for a while) and think that Hi-Lawn Farms (Western Mass) milk kicks Shaw Farm's butt. It's not organic, but it sure is tasty.

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              Hi-Lawn dairy products are amazing! A quarter cup of their heavy cream in a chowder is a thing of beauty.

            2. The original comment has been removed