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Nov 12, 2010 10:22 AM

fresh guava

Anybody know where I can find fresh guava fruit in San Jose/Campbell/Santa Clara/Milpitas?

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  1. Do you mean pineapple guavas? They haven't quite started arriving in the farmer's markets yet, but I've seen them there in the past. I know Live Earth has them every year.

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    1. re: petrelline

      There were at Alemany last weekend. Sorry I don't know a source in south bay.

      1. re: petrelline

        Thanks everyone. I'll keep looking =)

      2. i did see pineapple guava at the ferry bldng farmers market last weekend.
        there is a latin market on san bruno ave that sells the other kind.

        1. Supermercado Las MontaƱas has them. Check hispanic groceries for the fresh white guavas.