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Nov 12, 2010 08:40 AM

Food packaging in SD- Boxes, bags, jars

Hey all... with the holidays coming up, I'd like to start collecting packaging items for food gifts. Jars for pates and jams (I love the glass ones with the attached flip-top lid), boxes and small bags for cookies, cake boxes, etc.

Any good places with a decent selection?

I've found some of these items at Cost Plus (jars), Smart and Final (bags tend to be too big or really ugly), and Michaels (expensive). Any packaging or wholesale restaurant supply store that carries these items would be invaluable. Thanks!

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  1. I just ordered Italian mason jars on I am going to fill with a sweet & spicy nut mix. I can literally shop for almost everything on Amazon. I even ordered duck fat.

    1. Homegoods in Encinitas has some for cheap..

      1. Ikea in Mission Valley has had the glass jars with the hinged flip tops for ages. They're on the bottom floor near the rest of the kitchen and plateware. They had lots of different sizes, including small. Being Ikea, the prices were pretty good.

        1. If you find yourself in the Kearny Mesa area it'll probably be worthwhile to check out the Marukai 100 Yen store, formerly Daiso. They have a wide variety of plastic, glass and ceramic vessels. I may not send you there first, but amongst the selection if you find a good match, it'll likely be at a great price.

          In the past I've Internet-ordered various items in bulk such as sauce bottles, caps, drip regulators, shrink wrap to seal bottle caps (easily done with a hair dryer), and one-way valve bags for my home-roasted coffee (and sealed with a home food sealer). If what you're packaging is reasonably standardized, then you can get way ahead price-wise by ordering in quantity from a commercial source,

          1. All sorts of boxes and containers at the Costco Business Center on Convoy. Unsure about jars. A bit different than Smart N Final.